My favorite "gag" is the constant shattered glass and broken pottery sound effects.

2021.09.25 05:02 Daynk_may_mays My favorite "gag" is the constant shattered glass and broken pottery sound effects.

Anytime anything is dropped or thrown there is always some over exaggerated effect and I love it.
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2021.09.25 05:02 troymerritt Madden 22 Xbox Next Gen Fantasy Draft Franchise

Madden 22 Franchise looking for users, trying to fantasy draft and get up and running soon. Need active users who use discord.
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2021.09.25 05:02 perplexedtaters Are you absolutely sure?

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2021.09.25 05:02 Fit_Way4775 Just started working out. Super skinny I only weigh 110lbs. I have a question on protein shakes.

I bought muscle milk protein powder and I’m wondering if it’s better to drink it with milk or water?
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2021.09.25 05:02 Orange_Grisham Con... Script?

I've been thinking about a concept lately: an auxlang that isn't actually a spoken language, but an aux-script using logograms to communicate ideas.
There would be a set syntax and visual cues to show a) parts of speech, b) function in the sentence, and c) what modifies what.
the main idea is, no one has to memorize a new vocabulary. They only have to learn characters (there would be quite a few, but they should be designed to make sense) that relate to words they speak already. This wouldn't be a poetic communication system, because obviously no two languages have words that mean exactly the same thing, but it would be for communication purposes.
Do you see any immediate problems? Has this been done before?
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2021.09.25 05:02 edmremixes01 I've made a happy remix of Coldpay X BTS's My Universe

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2021.09.25 05:02 DonnerKonig40 70s original design w/ lots of inspiration from the HSTV-L

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2021.09.25 05:02 Weebdeeb I cannot use fast boot commands help?

I've disabled signed driver checks on windows I've used both online drivers and the one that comes with the phone but I cannot use fast boot commands can someone help?
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2021.09.25 05:02 Deadshot-OP Malfunction

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2021.09.25 05:02 DrafiMara Sooth.

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2021.09.25 05:02 MarQchisan This companion is so far the high Lv 👀

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.25 05:02 Snoo-2013 m.bison confirmed ?!

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2021.09.25 05:02 GarySmith43 Do you want to make multicolored and attractive patterns on your clothes or even paper? Our DIY Mandala Dotting Tools Kit is a complete collection for creating stunning dotted Mandala art. You can use it to create dots of various sizes by simply dabbing on paint over mandala stencils.

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2021.09.25 05:02 TtvDrippyJaneMain Noed

I have nothing against noed but I know that anyone who has ever played survivor and died to noed at endgame even though you played really well Is just disheartening I just died on first hook with noed because I went for a basement save sad days
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2021.09.25 05:02 FullmetalNinja25 Fan Casting A Live Action RWBY Movie

I know the likelihood of a Live Action RWBY Movie happening are slim to none and if one came out it would probably suck but I'm just doing this for fun. I'd be interested in hearing who you guys would cast as who and obviously I didn't list everyone as I had no idea who I'd cast as certain characters.
Dafne Keen (Laura/X-23 In Logan) as Ruby Rose
Harley Quinn Smith (Daughter of Kevin Smith) as Weiss Schnee
Chloe Grace Mortez (Hit Girl in both Kick-Ass Movies) as Blake Belladonna
Hailee Steinfeld (Spider-Gwen in Spiderverse, Kate Bishop in Hawkeye) as Yang Xiao Long
Tom Holland (MCU Spider-Man) as Jaune Arc
Maisie Williams (Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones, Cammie McCloud in gen:LOCK) as Nora Valkyrie
Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark in Game Of Thrones) as Pyrrha Nikos
Ludi Lin (Zack in Power Rangers 2017, Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 2021) as Lie Ren
Melissa Benoist (CW Supergirl) as Summer Rose
Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) as Taiyang Xiao Long
Brie Larson (Captain Marvel in the MCU) as Raven Branwen
John Krazinski (Jim from The Office, A Quiet Place Director) as Qrow Branwen
Cate Blanchett (Hela in Thor Ragnarok) as Salem
David Tennant (10th Doctor, Dr. Rufus Weller in gen:LOCK, Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales 2017) as Professor Ozpin
Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow in the MCU) as Glynda Goodwitch
Ben Affleck (Battfleck) as General James Ironwood
Kyliegh Curran (Abra from Doctor Sleep) as Someone I dunno who, she's too young to be Emerald I just thought it'd be fun to cast her since she loves RWBY as was responsible for putting RWBY references in Doctor Sleep.
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2021.09.25 05:02 hitkumar Bulbul feeding Sting WASP to baby birds..

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2021.09.25 05:02 fike_29

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2021.09.25 05:02 KeySwing3 Just bought a fake NFT, are tax write offs possible?

Hi all, I just bought a fake NFT. I'm wondering if tax write offs are possible for this? I'm a US citizen.
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2021.09.25 05:02 No-Lifeguards Once you too have this list of specific things, you'll be able to run a 7 min km like me

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2021.09.25 05:02 Darkiceflame I wanted to see what Nedrick might have looked like if he hadn't been transformed by Bahamut. This was the result.

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2021.09.25 05:02 Feeling-You-4091 ¿Hasta qué punto estoy cometiendo suicidio bebiendo un jugo del Valle que tiene como 3 al aire libre?

No tiene fecha de caducación, o no tiene o estoy bien pendejo, algo bastante probable. Necesito respuestas. Emoticón de Reddit chikito llorando
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2021.09.25 05:02 AllCouponFree 8 Best Courses on Finance and Accounting on Udemy by Robert (Bob) Steele

Free Certification Course Title: 8 Best Courses on Finance and Accounting on Udemy by Robert (Bob) Steele
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.25 05:02 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 05:02 mooresze Matrix 4 Theory

Do you think in Matrix 4 we could see a program created to increase levels of security to make sure there aren't that many awakenings?
Essentially, taken from modern life. How we are all using technology that keeps our attention.
After Neo, there could have been an increase in people being unplugged, so the machines create an extra system that keeps the people more oblivious to the real world. The idea behind this is to keep minds occupied as if they think less then they are easier to control.
They will need neo to help somehow and I'd imagine Neo is in a matrix prison by the looks of things which they need to break him out of.
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