Fresgo's parking lot is packed tonight.

2021.09.25 04:54 Thrownawaybyall Fresgo's parking lot is packed tonight.

I'm so disappointed with this. Fresgos was the first restaurant I went to when I moved to Surrey all those years ago and it's been a staple since. I'm upset that the owner is choosing to flout the vaccine passport and allowing his unvaxxed customers to spread the virus amongst all those who dine with them.
And yet, the parking lot is now packed. This may be the single best bit of marketing that restaurant has had ever, and they must be making money hand over fist.
Are there really that many people who are so anti-vax in this city? How many will we have to contend with until this pandemic is over?
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2021.09.25 04:54 iamdesimone SteveWillFixIt

I have been watching Steve vids for only about 6 months. I have no idea how I stumbled upon him because I have issues remembering things like that due to boxing at an early age.
The kid is an inspiration.
To be a “dumb fuck” (as he says) from Oviedo sounds pretty common being Oviedo is a Central Florida town where the chickens actually do fuckin cross the road (no joke)
He has gone from a Florida man to a fuckin superstar by just being himself and that’s an amazing feat that everyone should strive to do. Steve has taught me that it’s totally ok to just be you and not give a shit about how other thinks. And if you can light up a room good enough, you may just be able to make A SHIT TON OF FUCKIN MONEY being the light of the room.
Now yes, Stevie boy has the cars, money, fashion and fame. The one thing he doesn’t have tho is a arrogant bone in his body. The guy is a class act and I love that about the dude. He has no ego and his heart is made of fuckin diamonds lmao his only goal is to entertain you and make sure you enjoy your time while you’re watching him.
He fixes your mood with his entertainment.
To give back like Steve does constantly reminds me that no matter how much you have, there’s always room to share with others. That is shit that can’t be taught and it’s something you’re born with.
He’s not just making videos either like half of the other influencers on YouTube. He’s out there grinding his fuckin ass off between Merch, Happy Dad etc etc.
He works hard. He plays hard. He gives back. He wants you to be happy.
What more can you want in a person?
Ps the dude fuckin loves Eddie Van Halen and shreds a god damn Frankenstein!
Keep it up, Steve. I’ll always be rooting for you.
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2021.09.25 04:54 excelgrow About 2 weeks left you think? Or should I pull these 2 next week?

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2021.09.25 04:54 kamikazee_49 Invest in the Dear Leader holding up a gun

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2021.09.25 04:54 Woffy_2 should i leave some "bend" on the minis for long thin parts instead of curing them so much ?

should i leave some so i took out some minis from the printer about 3 hours ago and have them under a normal light (i dont own a UV light and its night time but i red somewhere that normal lights help a bit) so im thinking of putting them on the sun for a few minutes tomorrow , but honestly the minis feel fine to the touch , the only parts that bend are thin atennas on them and i kinda like that since it reduces the chances that they will break off
heres the mini in question
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2021.09.25 04:54 ZoobBot 175444

This is the 175444th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.25 04:54 Carter52 me_irl

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2021.09.25 04:54 Jealous_Ring_1462 Poppy the pug

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2021.09.25 04:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 04:54 TwelveToesDown As a blink fan I’m concerned

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2021.09.25 04:54 Lilyeria_Amouress The NON INSANE looking version of my Baelz Fanart. Don't be fooled, this is to lower your defenses.

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2021.09.25 04:54 Spare_Potential_3432 Independents your list

I will start Ray Scott James Crothers Whitey Morgan Keven Fosters Brandy Clark
Who do you like that will not be popular on radio
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2021.09.25 04:54 Storabas Serious Built Roleplay City - Euphoria Roleplay

We are currently starting a new city, we have everything you would want to see in a city, the only
thing we are missing is a awesome population to express the perfection we have to offer, (what's needed)
LAPD-LASD Skilled officers who want high rank, FOOD store owners!, EMS, Pillbox skilled!.

We are also looking for some loyal staff (requirements for staff, 3 weeks in-game day's actively played)
this assures that you understand how the server works and can be able to help players with questions
tour guiding and all around RP management (Staff positions needed) we are short staffed on community
manager's they're job is to make sure that we are able to host events keep the players interested and all
around support for the community!

How to get started? (Join the discord!)
Please access FiveM > Hit F8 connect

Fly in!
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2021.09.25 04:54 burtzev [Russia] Statement on findings of #StateDuma election observation on main election day 19 September 2021

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2021.09.25 04:54 Craco_1 Update on Upcoming Videos on Cractuber 2021!

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2021.09.25 04:54 kkycble Sending an iPhone 13 Pro to my Indonesian friend

I bought a new iPhone as a gift for my friend in Indonesia. I opened the seal to check for defects before sending the phone to courier. But now my friend is worried that the phone would be confiscated by Indonesian custom because the seal was opened.
Is this concern legit? I asked DHL about this but they said there’s written rule about the condition of the phone as long as the phone is for personal use.
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2021.09.25 04:54 bot_neen Nuevo pasaporte electrónico mexicano 2021 - Las Noticias

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2021.09.25 04:54 Public-Today2224 Personally, how inclusive do you feel this subreddit should be?

What I mean is, how specific should 'sea shanty' be here? Because I see many people feel the need to clear up that a certain sea shanty doesn't specifically fit the form of a 'true shanty', but how much do you think it's important here? I'd like to see what the consensus is here.
View Poll
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2021.09.25 04:54 Rayrayjr1997 Mods help

Friend’s just got the game an I’m helping them thru some stuff but I’m kinda clueless,Anyway how do you get armor mods now? Like ammo finder mods and mobility’s mods an stuff?
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2021.09.25 04:54 Loud-Detective-9906 It’s-uh meee, m(r)s. Dee ¡ excited to see what y’all come up with 💕

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2021.09.25 04:54 BrianOquin1212 This should last me awhile with a 144hz monitor till the market seems normal... hopefully?

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2021.09.25 04:54 Pileofgarbage36 Random Pokémon day 25: Fortetress

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2021.09.25 04:54 I_eat_children222 Dead man

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2021.09.25 04:54 borteyurte Clickhere2shop Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the Clickhere2shop Coupon Code Reddit
Looking for more coupons ? You can find more coupons on this page. Also you can use the site search to find any coupons you want.
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2021.09.25 04:54 purplepixiegutz Anxiety + point system

I put in an unpaid time off request for an obligation I can't miss. It got denied, I'm going to have no choice but to call in that day. I have pretty intense intrusive thoughts/compulsive tendencies, especially over things similar to grades. The thought of getting an attendance point over this is overwhelming me to an extent I logically understand is unwarranted. I currently have no points. Can't think of any situations within the next 6 months that would lead to me occurring any more. But the level of anxiety I'm experiencing is the same as when I was trying to maintain my gpa in college. Not sure if this post is just a rant or what, but does anyone else with these types of mental health issues struggle with the point system too? At this rate I'm going to be losing sleep over it until the point disappears in 2022 lol
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