Praise Todd Howard

2021.09.25 05:29 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.25 05:29 Alone-Chance-396 Next anime op?

Any idea when a new op will come out?
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2021.09.25 05:29 Drebin813 My 2016 GLA 250 in its natural habitat. My current favourite shots I've taken.

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2021.09.25 05:29 skyntbook Is there such thing as a chronic pain consultant/case manager, or an inpatient chronic pain management clinic?

Curious to know if this or anything similar is a thing?
It'd be nice if doctors and hospitals fit the bill, but I think we all know there's a certain amount lacking in modern medical care when it comes to chronic pain issues, particularly when they are troublesome to diagnosed.
I feel like if we don't have a problem they can easily treat by throwing a few prescriptions at as, most doctors see us as a nuisance and don't have the time or patience to guide our medical care either in or out of hospital. Seems like many people might benefit from additional management and support.
I'd love to hear from anyone that has heard of/experienced anything like it?
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2021.09.25 05:29 Dominus_Pullum funny fish noise

what is the funny fish bwomp i need it please for the love of all which is good I need sauce for that fish bwomp it's integral to my sanity
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2021.09.25 05:29 I_Am_Raddion Good deal?

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2021.09.25 05:29 Greelllz Feeling a movement/pressure on my right-side top back of ear lope

Age: 23
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9
Weight: 261
Race: White
Duration of complaint: N/A
Location: right side ear top back of ear lobe
Any existing relevant medical issues: Type 2 Diabetes (diet controlled and I am doing a very good job keeping it controlled), Fatty livers, high livers enzymes, high cholesterol, slightly high blood pressure, Generalized Anexity Disorder, Panic Disorder, PTSD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, Manic Depression, and Multiple Personality disorder
Current medications: 1 Mirtazipine 30mg 9pm every night and 1 Hydroxzine 25 mg only when I feel like I’m about to have a panic attack.
Been going on for 30 minutes now, never had this sensation before. When I touch the spot I can feel a pulse and a vessel
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2021.09.25 05:29 gra_videe Gravity.

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2021.09.25 05:29 2ndRoundExit [USA-MD] [H] PayPal, cash [W] your used, quality, condenser XLR microphone

Looking for a good XLR microphone, prefer one that's used and not perfect condition, just as long as it functions fine.
For perfect transparency I'm looking for a used/scuffed mic so I can get a higher quality mic at a discount - as long as it doesn't sound messed up.
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2021.09.25 05:29 tamalito91 Did it works? I have seen that Chinese devices groundwater detector, the brand is pqwt. I want to buy a device but I have my doubts, I would appreciate if someone could advise me. [PQWT GROUNDWATER DETECTOR ](

Did it works? I have seen that Chinese devices groundwater detector, the brand is pqwt. I want to buy a device but I have my doubts, I would appreciate if someone could advise me. [PQWT GROUNDWATER DETECTOR ]( submitted by tamalito91 to geology [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 05:29 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 05:29 WelderEast3870 please help cant loggin into psn

So for some context I just moved my ps4 from my house to grandmas because im staying there this weekend and i knew i was going to be bored. Anyways when i signed into her wifi my psn account logged out and when i tried to log back in it says to use the authenticator app to find out my code for 2fa. The problem is that I never enabled 2fa and my authenticator app only has discord on it. I tried their online support chat which said to change my password which i did and i ran into the same problem. Then i stumbled onto a page that gave me step by step instructions on how to get backup codes and it says on to use a device im already logged into psn on. But since i'm a new ps4 user i haven't logged into my psn account anywhere else besides my macbook which automatically logged my out and now when i try to log back in it tells me to get a code. And now i'm screwed i've used all my options and don't know what to do. I saw somewhere else that they are supposed to send you an email when you enable 2fa but just check and i never got an email. And well i didn't enable 2fa it did it automatically or something i chose not to because 2fa always does dumb stuff like this where now i'm locked out of my account.
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2021.09.25 05:29 UrKiddingMi Please help!! The last leaf of our poor Cali lily

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2021.09.25 05:29 Mr_Videodrome_Clown TAO BOOK

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2021.09.25 05:29 EverythingInCreation [Question] So many of the goals here revolve around having a clean house... Does anyone else here think that spending time cleaning takes away from the time you need to live your best life?

I mean, I don't want filth or food laying around and bugs setting up residence... but I, for the most part, just don't value a spotless home. That time could be spent doing so many more meaningful things. Does anyone else here not value extreme cleanliness as a virtue for living the type of life you wish to live?
I'd like to clean more, but that time has to come from somewhere, and it usually comes from something more meaningful to me.
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2021.09.25 05:29 hgsd5 Where can I find custom white cables for corsair HX1000 platinum PSU ?

Looked everywhere and found some Corsair Corsair CP-8920217 Premium Individually Sleeved PSU Cables Starter Kit – White but I'm unsure whether it works with HX1000. really scared that when I build it I would've chose the wrong cables and everything messes up. Appreciate any replies
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2021.09.25 05:29 Seanopotamus Appreciate some VR advice if you’re bored or better yet, have the same laptop I’m looking at…

Looking as some slight older RTX 2070-Q/Super laptops (Razer 15 advance in particular) & just curious if anyone had had experience with VR racing & a similar spec laptop?
Currently own a 2019 MacBook Pro (AMD 5300) & it surprisingly hits 60Hz on a 2k monitor with most & older sims even better but It’s not enough. Also I can’t help myself, I’m dying for a VR sim rig.
Obviously it depends on Headset, settings & sim racing title but my reasoning is the older RTX2070Q/super are at a good price:value so they should be fine for VR??
I’ve read reviews & benchmarks but they seldom test sim racers let alone sim racers in VR so I’ll appreciate any input.
P.S. I know a few will recommend a desktop but I need a laptop. I know a desktop GPU/COU will push more polygons, FPS & have 14.8 tittyflops however they really don’t travel well or fit in any laptop bags.
Apologies if that comes across rude, I just know someone always says “lappy will only push 300fps - Shit. Build a desktop cos my 3080 runs 600Hz & I can see the difference“
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2021.09.25 05:29 bot_neen Reportan asalto en banco; el botín sería de $50 mil pesos

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2021.09.25 05:29 PicksburghStillers First tree frog since moving to Florida struck a pose for my camera

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2021.09.25 05:29 NORDLAN AP FACT CHECK: Pro-Trump auditors spin election falsehoods

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2021.09.25 05:29 HBtotheMoon First AR9.

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2021.09.25 05:29 RussianBot00961 What hobbies do you have?

What are some nice hobbies to have in this sad excuse of a country?
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2021.09.25 05:29 RubyChooseday My first 2000 piece. If Fish Could Walk by Demelsa Haughton, from Ravensburger.

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2021.09.25 05:29 sheepy0125 A strange player joined my Minecraft server [java]

Hello people! I am currently hosting a small Minecraft server (vanilla, self hosted (just port forwarding)) for just 3 people on a spare computer. I checked the logs and saw that a player named MinetrackMe attempted to join (didn't actually because there's a whitelist). I was wondering if anybody had any idea of what that account would be? I found on (NameMC)[] that the name was taken 11 days ago for the first time, and from Google I saw that there is a website called that tracks the most popular servers.
(Here)[] is what I saw in the log (I blocked out their IP):
And from the internet, I found this post.
A couple questions I have: 1. Is this just a bot? Can I opt out? 2. Should I be worried about this?
Thanks, and sorry if this isn't the right place to post this.
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2021.09.25 05:29 a-watchful-protector Have you ever started reading a book and, just a few pages in, realized you were gonna love it?

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