What’s your favorite word?

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2021.09.25 05:47 Double-Customer4226 What’s your favorite word?

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2021.09.25 05:47 lsnow2684 Test Scoring

So i failed the test in may (scored a 447) and am taking it again this weekend. I went back to check my score from last time to see my focus areas and i did the math of my score in each section multiplied by the % each area covers and my score added up to 454. Does anyone know the true scoring method?
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2021.09.25 05:47 Snoo-91834 is anybody selling/trading flame of love and or macaroon cookie wings?

I could do items and or diamonds
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2021.09.25 05:47 Nemminix Certain prints fail when others don't.

I have been printing on my prusa for about 6months no issues except one print. I recently tried printing something from thingiverse and it always fails. First print was three objects and noticed just around the 1st to 5th layers the edges started to curl up two of the objects. I canceled the print seeing that the extruder will most likely hit the curled spots. So I changed the job to just one object and I had errors as well. I came back in and found the object separated from the bed and filament was just extruding. Tried again with another part of the print and this one ended up getting stuck on the extruder.
I cleaned the excess filament off and went back to print one of my previous prints and it worked just fine. Is there something on the STL files I downloaded that would be causing the failures. I'm using the prusaslicer and the latest firmware on my prusa.
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2021.09.25 05:47 Fabulous-Onion-7600 what would happen if the whole world goes to war?

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2021.09.25 05:47 scopeadope Another 7 day trial?

Can we still make a new user account with a different email to get ANOTHER 7 day trail on the PS4?
In theory we could essentially keep getting the trails forever? Well until its patched at least.
I just got a better internet connection and will probably buy a 12 month subscription, but wanted to play around for a couple weeks before I spend the money on it. Im eligible for the trial, but wanted to know if we could still beat the system.
Anyone can confirm?
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2021.09.25 05:47 Known-Advertising-78 I was in Western BMOS first year and I then I was selected for my EY summer internship. I have now transferred to Brock BAcc with coop. Will I still be given the internship since I have not signed the contract and the employer does not know about my transfer.

So i am selected by one of the Big 4 firms for the summer internship program 2022. However I am transferring from a non coop program to coop program. I have not yet signed the contract as the deadline is in mid October. But do you guys think that me changing from a non coop university to a coop university will result them to withdraw their offer.
For those of you who do not know s students in coop schools are hired in winter period only and cant be eligible for summer internship. Will the company ask for a transcript before I start off with my summer internship? And will I be allowed to work in the summer or will tjey withdraw the offer
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2021.09.25 05:47 catespice It’s Spring here in New Zealand, but fuck it, Fall nails

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2021.09.25 05:47 pinkskytarot Anyone up for a late night reading?

Hi all! I'll be up for a few more hours if anyone would like a reading. All readings are sent via a private video link. You can ask me specific questions or I can do an intuitively guided reading. I look forward to connecting with you 😊💕
Here are my reviews reviews
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2021.09.25 05:46 SpinachMiserable2601 does anyone have a grill in north camping?

my friend and i have an obscene about of hot dogs open to anyone who is willing to provide a grill, we can come to you and we can all have a cookout. food here is ridiculously expensive so we’re tryna save money. message me here if ur down for a cookout!!
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2021.09.25 05:46 tandyman8360 My First HireVue Request

I applied (via Workday) to a local company owned by Raytheon. This time, I got an e-mail from HireVue for a digital interview. At the end of the e-mail, there was a link to the ATS for withdrawing from the job opening. I'm not that interested in job hunting for the next few months, so I withdrew my application.
It's kind of funny that companies basically acknowledge people won't video interview and they're losing candidates. Still, they keep jumping off that cliff.
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2021.09.25 05:46 gdhfdxgfsg If You Can, Catch Me kitty

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2021.09.25 05:46 faketanned Why is my begonia maculata looking so sad and pitiful :(? pale leaves, dropping leaves and thin, fragile stems

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2021.09.25 05:46 Imissmiura Best device for reading manga?

Hey pirates,
I’m going to the hospital pretty soon for an operation and probably gonna be there for 3+ months.
I’m considering an Ipad pro, or a kindle paperwhite. I’m also considering a surface pro.
Any suggestions/opinions help. Thanks!
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2021.09.25 05:46 Puppies_fart_hope The Peas are Whispering from the Upside Down

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2021.09.25 05:46 Hussar_XXI If China was a Dragon

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2021.09.25 05:46 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 05:46 Wilydettos Lurelin village looks extremely similar to outset island from wind waker!

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2021.09.25 05:46 Fanfic_Galore From search query: summer vacation college when (By kettitrium)

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2021.09.25 05:46 jacob503camby New Licensee on Android / Windows Working with Principal Broker on Apple Products concerns

Thought I'd ask here first: So I'm taking my state exam this month to be a licensed personal assistant to a family member Principal Broker. I use a Samsung phone and Windows PC, and my soon-to-be boss works on all Apple products. I'm sort of a tech enthusiast, so I'm not worried about this at all. I told her that aside from iMessage, that we can work just fine together using common softwares and apps (such as Google workspace). We both use Chrome and Gmail anyways, so I can't imagine there's any program necessary for a the job that runs on MacOS/IOS that won't run on Android/PC besides things like Pages (which should go anyways since I'll be doing that sort of work for her now). She's a hard worker, but gets overwhelmed running solo and especially with any type of change. She also hired me to help her with these things - to find more productive systems and keep her a little more organized so she can focus on the things that matter. I'd love to hear if anyone has encountered these kinds of issues? Will being an agent with a different branded phone REALLY make that much of a difference in the long run? I'd love to hear some recommendations and insights about possible platforms, programs, apps and online services to check out to help streamline the process for us.
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2021.09.25 05:46 StarFuryG7 Oh Well, Joe knew the likelihood was nil: "Doctor Who's Russell T. Davies Returns to Showrun in Season 14"

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2021.09.25 05:46 Nate2247 Can I not leave Iz?

I spent over 2 hours clearing out all the quests in Iz before stupidly realizing that hey, this os actually the final area, you still have shit to do and the boss is kicking your ass. But when I return to where I spawned in, there’s no exit marked. Am I really stuck? Do I have to loose all that progress? Or am I missing something?
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2021.09.25 05:46 Dry-Arachnid-6806 Define a good first date

Of course referring to online dating. I’m not asking for date ideas. Just if you went out with someone what would you consider a successful good date?
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2021.09.25 05:46 fireking123 [Kena bridge of spirits] really enjoyed playing it my favourite game this year, loved it, beautiful places, well made story, looking forward to part 2

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2021.09.25 05:46 anj_p Let's be friends? 7259 6158 7519 & 5355 9881 1485

Add only if you're in for the long haul!! I want to be best friends for XP. For Ultra Friends/Best Friends, please coordinate so we open our gifts on Community Day! Thank you
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