Homeoven pie let me know what you guys think

2021.09.25 04:33 SnooBunnies6420 Homeoven pie let me know what you guys think

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2021.09.25 04:33 soaplord12 The mastermind of child murders.

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2021.09.25 04:33 Jerezmo Is this an acceptable excuse?

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2021.09.25 04:33 pm_your_pain What’s your favorite finger?

I think mine is my right ring finger
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2021.09.25 04:33 YourFriendlyInkDemon Hank

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2021.09.25 04:33 eldercactus Mafia Try Outs

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2021.09.25 04:33 tobaccofromcuba I already want to transfer out

I am already on my 6th week of my first Freshman semester and I feel frustrated and miserable. Which I believe has to do with my social life and having to interact with my roommate. Will transferring out make sense or will sticking it out and going out and meeting other people help me?
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2021.09.25 04:33 hyikeTNZ made a tier list on how i usually feel when they win a 1v1 against me

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2021.09.25 04:33 sanfran54 Little Peggy March - I Will Follow Him

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2021.09.25 04:33 UtaTan Femboys are bigger

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2021.09.25 04:33 Haunting_Minimum_721 Anybody that knows about TANF

Hello there. I’m here for my boyfriend. He is being sued by our state because his ex-wife got onto TANF. However she claims, and it’s on the paperwork, that she’s the custodial parent and his in the non-custodial parent when it’s the opposite. It clearly states in the paperwork from their divorce that he is the custodial parent. In fact he had his son full time until she worked up to supervised visitations and now it’s 50/50. He’s going to arbitration soon and She lied that she was the custodial. In fact when they got married she never took his last name and he found out through a receipt he found that she was on EBT while married. And he still has this receipt. I feel like there is a case here and if anybody knows anything about this, please share! Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.25 04:33 WillingLion4690 Left my PC idle for 7 hours for chopping but I only received 31 xp

I left my PC idle for 7 hours straight but it only shows that I received 31 xp. The app said I'll get 1 xp for each minute spent chopping but I spent 7 hours chopping but it only recorded 31 minutes?
I got like 0.0016 dollars in the first 15 minutes but I got nothing after that. I know I shouldn't be expecting huge profit by mining with a 30W GPU but this is just ridiculous.
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2021.09.25 04:33 garleekbread Please help a CA Zone 10a garden newbie

I don’t have any seeds of my own to trade so I’m admittedly relying on the generosity of others. I can try to compensate within reason. Just trying to manage work stress and take on something that’s always had my interest from a distance.
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2021.09.25 04:33 MisterFyre What is your favorite word that doesn't have vowels?

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2021.09.25 04:33 BDEFan2300 My Favorite POI added in each season

Chapter 1
Season 1: Dusty Depot
Season 2: Tilted Towers
Season 3: Lucky Landing (It was the only POI added in this season)
Season 4: Dusty Divot
Season 5: Paradise Palms
Season 6: Floating Island
Season 7: The Block
Season 8: Lazy Lagoon
Season 9: Neo Tilted
Season X: Pandora and Gotham City

Chapter 2
Season 1: Sweaty Sands and Weeping Woods
Season 2: The Shark
Season 3: Coral- (Just Kidding), Fortilla
Season 4: Stark Industries
Season 5: Salty Towers, Stealthy Stronghold, and Hunter's Haven
Season 6: Boney Burbs (A.K.A. Salty Springs)
Season 7: Believer's Beach
Season 8: Corny Crops (The Only One so far)
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2021.09.25 04:33 sorrowful_times Tattoo Round 3, complete with wildcard! You know there's a companion poll so don't skip it, it is the final tally.

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2021.09.25 04:33 auguste- What would an ENTP with a 583 tritype and SO blindspot be like?

Trying to learn more in detail about Enneagram and tritypes, slightly bit new to it too. 583 as in 5w4, 8w7, and 3w4. Is such combination mentioned above even possible? I feel like I'm more ambitious than the usual 5 because of my belief that knowledge equates to success, and successes (included but not limited to reputation) equates to even more resources to learn.
Really goal oriented too, and it's both surprising and not surprising to me that I have a SO blindspot since I feel like I care about group dynamics and keeping individuals of the group at least indifferent or satisfied by my leadership and decisions. But I'm guessing that's just the SX trying to keep the connection and chemistry, and trying to not get myself in trouble with anyone (SP/SX). I could be wrong though. I mean, I'm assertive, though I prefer to not get hurt in the process so I can come off as non-confrontational but standoffish to some.
Thoughts? Or any additional elaborations? So I can compare more information and all that. Am keen in learning all the possible things I could be, and if I'm right about this one.
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2021.09.25 04:33 5dayoldsushi Rough week of work and the girlfriend out of town - going to enjoy a nice quite Friday evening to myself

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2021.09.25 04:33 Talib_Dota Saw this ad. Someone's familiar.

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2021.09.25 04:33 Worldly_Blackberry79 How I found the boys.

So I found you boys about a week after I broke up with my financé. I was going through a rough time but then my brother showed me y’all’s videos and everything turned around for me.
This is gonna sound kinda dumb but I was in such rut that I swear I watched y’all’s videos every night to go to sleep to put me in a good mood for weeks. I’d just leave em shuffling ahah. The pranks, the shootin the shit, and just the boys mentality pushed me through all the bullshit and now 4 months later I still watch the vids with my brother daily.
Not only did the vids help me like that but y’all’s success motivated me to aspire to be something greater so I joined the army to save up some money so one day I can start a business with my homies so we can enjoy life the way y’all do. I really hope y’all read this cuz I swear y’all helped me so much.
God bless you boys and keep putting out content. It does and means more to us than you could believe. Thanks boys!
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2021.09.25 04:33 WorldNewsinPictures 'Powerless Position': Kiwis Trying to Move House Across Alert Levels Left 'with Nowhere to Go' After Exemptions For Relocation Not Approved.

'Powerless position': Kiwis trying to move house across alert levels left 'with nowhere to go' after exemptions for relocation not approved. Next headline - Homelessness Skyrockets Due to Actions of Government.... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/powerless-position-kiwis-move-house-alert
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2021.09.25 04:33 Glass_Sensei Commission made for a friend

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2021.09.25 04:33 throwaway2vfkn Sexo anal é doloroso?

A idéia geral que se têm é essa, pelo menos. É verdade?
Já ouvi dizer de gente que goza com anal ( falando de mulheres pq pro homem eu sei que rola ejaculação, por conta da prostata) é bom assim mesmo? O prazer é psicológico ou é fisico mesmo? A sensação de dor é uma dor ruim que a pessoa se acostuma ou é uma dor boa, dor prazerosa?
alguma dica de como convencer uma mulher a fazer?
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2021.09.25 04:33 idkissac Does anybody know if destroylonely is going to do a show in San Francisco

I want to see this dude live so bad I just watched the YouTube video of his Dallas show that shit looked lit.
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