2021.12.03 03:46 ochort chort#0724

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2021.12.03 03:46 puggsincyberspace Australia and 20 other countries have refuses to sign ‘truce’ for Beijing Olympics as it weighs up diplomatic boycott

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2021.12.03 03:46 dvkota My brand used mill, how it was loaded and how I unloaded it. No one was hurt, but I’m sure my grandpa is gonna take a day off tomorrow.

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2021.12.03 03:46 procryptoclass Elon Musk Criticizes Web3, Says It ‘Sounds Like BS’

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2021.12.03 03:46 EvergreenTheTree [2021] [vimscript] Using vimscript as a general scripting language for AOC

So, I have taken on the task of writing all of my solutions in vimscript this year. To do this, I wanted to be able to run vim scripts like they were just any other interpreted language instead of having to open vim and source them. My solution to this was writing a polyglot vim/bash script where the bash part sets up vim to execute the rest of the file's contents where vim acts as close to a simple language interpreter as possible. I used this to write a helper script in vimscript for downloading inputs and creating a template scripts.
How it works is fairly simple: vim interprets lines beginning with a double quote as a comment and bash does not. Take the following code for example:

"echo" foo "exit" echo bar 
In bash quotes simply group characters together into words, and the first word is used as the command to be executed. So, if you run this code in bash it will print "foo" and exit (ignoring the rest of the file which is vimscript). If you run it in vim, the first two lines are ignored and the last line is executed as vimscript, which prints bar to the terminal.
Here is the source if you are interested:
Hopefully this is interesting enough to be worthy of its own post.
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2021.12.03 03:46 TiredTermite Am proud

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2021.12.03 03:46 themoorofvenice 5 members of a syndicate arrested for alleged involvement in WhatsApp scam

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2021.12.03 03:46 Tefached666 Map of all NSFW Subreddit’s.

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2021.12.03 03:46 Shurigin The real reason to live

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2021.12.03 03:46 wallonthefloor How is the Onkyo TX-NR6100 THX Certified what is the difference between the TX-NR6050?

Big question is why wouldnt the NR-6050 carry the THX Certified? Do these models have any differences?
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2021.12.03 03:46 qLeah_123 Who wanna talk dirty

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2021.12.03 03:46 pumpkin_goddess I gotta wake up in 4 hours should I sleep?

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2021.12.03 03:46 alchoe [16f] need some friends… bored n lonely :( ill send you kitty pics

hi i’m sadie, from canada and i’m 16. i’m looking for some friends. my life is boring and i need some entertainment. i like photography, music, youtube/netflix, etc.
im more comfy talking with girls :p and im not into the nsfw shit… anyways i have pretty much all social media so yeah.
im going to sleep but dm me if you’re interested in being friends :)
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2021.12.03 03:46 Interesting-Gap8133 Has anyone taken ANT 002 with De La Cadena?

Hey everyone. I’m just wondering if anyone has had any experience in this cultural anthropology class and the amount of work that you have to put in it. It is a 5 unit class so I’m pretty sure it requires a lot. I’m not required to take it because it would be my GE and it’s putting me at 17 units for the winter quarter so I could possibly drop it. Ontop of that, I also need to get a job so I just need to find out if it will be manageable.
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2021.12.03 03:46 AliEvans “I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” ― Kurt Cobain

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2021.12.03 03:46 kevin_v Legends Samson Isaan, Karuhat and Yodkhunpon Hanging Out Together - my photos this week

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2021.12.03 03:46 ZoolShop Prosecution team in Ghislaine Maxwell's trial opens with series of own goals

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2021.12.03 03:46 Good-Plane-1020 🏵️The Shiba Max Army🚀 is Unstoppable!⚔️ Shiba Max aims to generate a Network Effect unparalleled in the Crypto & DeFi, and be the best Millionaire Maker project in DeFi!💸 We are going to be the next big community-driven token taking the Crypto Market by Storm!⚡ We are going to be at the very top!

🏵️The Shiba Max Army🚀 is Unstoppable!⚔️ Shiba Max aims to generate a Network Effect unparalleled in the Crypto & DeFi, and be the best Millionaire Maker project in DeFi!💸 We are going to be the next big community-driven token taking the Crypto Market by Storm!⚡ Amazing Community & developer Team! Join the Crypto and DeFi Top team today!
🌐BSC Scan:
Liquidity is locked:
Contract Ownership is Renounced:
📝Contract: 0x8D627425e0fdFAa0BEfb5637f4eF82E1f345c000
Buy with 11% Slippage right here on PancakeSwap!
One of our main priorities is making our token safe, fair and completely transparent for all investors. Thats why we have renounced ownership of the Shiba Max contract on launch ensuring no individual or entity has control of Shiba Max, ensuring that it is decentralized and secure for all investors.
Our Tokenomics are as follows:
Auto-Liquidity Generation: 7% of all Shiba Max transactions will be contributed to building Liquidity ensuring the growth, stability, and sustainability of the token. This feature ensures that the price of the token is backed by a constantly growing liquidity pool. Multiple secure liquidity pools will be added as we grow, and our token is listed on centralized exchanges such as Bilaxy and Hotbit. The rate of contributions will only increase as our community grows and trading volume increases providing stability and security to our investors.
Decentralization: Contract Ownership was renounced at launch as a result of this action no individual or entity has ownership of the contract, making Shiba Max secure and fair for our community and truly decentralized. 100% of Liquidity was locked on launch (Please refer to our FAQ section for link) to ensure security and peace of mind for our investors.Shiba Max was tested extensively using the testnet prior to launch to ensure absolute security and accuracy of function, it was designed to be scalable, self-sustaining, and to scale seamlessly and frictionlessly on a fully autonomous and rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem.
Shiba Maximum Rewards: All holders will have their Shiba Max balance grow through RFI Rewards at intervals as the Shiba Max Army grows. This function will allow the Army to effectively earn interest rewards which will increase as our community grows. Our mission is to ensure that the Shiba Max Army is rewarded as our domination of the Crypto Market continues on.
The Shiba Max NFT Marketplace and its offerings is brimming on the horizon. We will be working garner a roster of the best Digital artists, Influencers, Celebrities, and Athletes to have an all-star lineup of NFT releases at launch. The Dynamic NFT releases would also be paired with Physical Merchandise to add further value to our Marketplace offerings. Airdrops will also be going out to our top shillers and holders.
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2021.12.03 03:46 AliEvans “Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.” -Leo Tolstoy

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2021.12.03 03:46 oldtechnologyy Can I put a Raspberry Pi into an old huge computer? (late00s-early10s generic 18.4 inch toshiba)

Basically just the title. Just wanna use it for basic use, and watching youtube. I'd like it to be inside the computer, I don't think height is a problem (it's 0.6inches tall according to my sources) but I don't know if it's possible, since I'd have to connect the display keyboard and trackpad. I like the hard ware, (not the specs just the outside stuff), but I'm pretty sure the specifications aren't usable anymore. Especially watching 1080p youtube in full screen would probably be impossible. (considering the laptop's specifications) it needs a new charging port which may or may not be extremely complicated. otherwise it works fine just got replaced because it's old and probably to big. (replaced by someone else not me)
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2021.12.03 03:46 AliEvans "Behind each individual holds a unique story. Never judge someone by the cover, you never know how dark the story may get" -unknown

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2021.12.03 03:46 therealCowboycat I thought somebody was brining in my gun. ended up not needing one

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2021.12.03 03:46 sadanimegurl Am I being irrational?

Hey guys, so my boyfriend is a warehouse worker and works late. He’s typically gets off between 11-1am. I usually stay up to wait for him to come home because I want to eat dinner with him/hangout with him before we go to sleep and he leaves in the morning for work again. But every day lately he’s been staying an extra 20-30 minutes to smoke with his coworker after work. He’ll tell me he’s off so I expect he’ll be home in 20 min, then an hour goes by before he gets home. It really bothers me and I can’t hide the fact I’m upset with him but I try to. I just feel like I’m over reacting and I’m not trying to be controlling, but it upsets me and it feels like he would rather be smoking w his coworker than coming home to me. Can someone please tell me if I’m just being ridiculous or not. He knows it upsets me but he keeps doing it anyways. And I truly can’t tell if that is actually disrespectful or if I just gotta let it go? Also wanted to add that I do work at home while I wait for him to keep myself busy, but I still end up waiting until late into the night
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2021.12.03 03:46 themoorofvenice S'pore-made Acumen Diagnostics PCR kits able to detect both Omicron, Delta variants

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2021.12.03 03:46 Shampoo4o4 Battery Question...

All the laptops I've ever owned have been kept plugged in with the batteries installed (i.e. used mostly as desktops.) So I was a bit shocked to find out that many remove them for mining. My current laptop (MSI GP66) does not have an easily removable battery (I think the rear panel is going to likely loose a few tabs and therefore might void my warrenty) So i'm in a conundrum here.
What's the rational for removing the batteries? Is the heat from mining cooking the battery? Or is the laptop simultaneously running off battery power and then charging it? Is the problem that battery is being held at full charge for prolonged time?
Like Should I pull the battery while gaming as well?
Anyone have perspective here? Thanks.
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