Posting a new Doodle Meme every week until Breath of the Wild 2 - Week 26: Microwsoft

2022.01.19 10:36 MCisAwesome95 Posting a new Doodle Meme every week until Breath of the Wild 2 - Week 26: Microwsoft

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2022.01.19 10:36 Bot-alex Marnie Clayton: man charged with stalking over teen’s disappearance

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2022.01.19 10:36 Jarty1 Diorama Debros Moulds

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using these moulds and how the went about colouring the plaster castings
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2022.01.19 10:36 Hexside-Witch Nicktoons UK - Big Blue - Join the Crew Promo (30 seconds, high quality)

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2022.01.19 10:36 Ambitious-Event-8466 What even is this?

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2022.01.19 10:36 iNeedHealing24_7 Avicii VR

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2022.01.19 10:36 DateInteresting What’s the best way to spend $30?

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2022.01.19 10:36 Whey-Men Australia - Roebourne prison “does not meet the standard” of humane treatment. Record high temperatures in Roebourne have led to renewed calls for the town’s ageing prison to be replaced, or at least air conditioned.

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2022.01.19 10:36 GateParticular8631 Based on a true story

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2022.01.19 10:36 Ok-Protection-162 Dross

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2022.01.19 10:36 mhiggs13 What are you doing during the two week wait? Also how many DPO until you test? Which brand of pregnancy test do you prefer? I have Premom strips

Avoiding certain foods or drinks? Coffee? Alcohol? I recently got down a rabbit hole saying herbal tea is bad for pregnancy. I’m so paranoid!
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2022.01.19 10:36 awrasmedia بلماضي يُوجّه رسالة مؤثرة للشعب الجزائري

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2022.01.19 10:36 TrappedPureSoul I don't know if preparation is going to be right

So I have my colonoscopy and gastroscopy this Friday and I know I have to be 6 hours without eating or drinking after the second dose of Plenvu. The problem is my colonoscopy is at 11am and I would have finished second dose at 6am so only 5 hours have passed. I'm worried the time is not enough and that while I'm going to the hospital I would have the urge to go to the bathroom.
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2022.01.19 10:36 Agitated_Finance_482 i always end up with so much platinum down the drain because of reforges

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2022.01.19 10:36 mackan072 Match PC and Shield framerate?

I've been using my Nvidia shield for game streaming for a little while now, and most things work pretty well. I have however noticed that during local game streaming, over 'Nvidia Games', my PC runs the games at the framerate of its connected monitor, rather than the framerate of the Shield video stream. This seems to cause unnecessary heat and noise, but moreover, cause stutters issues with certain games, as there is a framerate mismatch.
Some games have framerate limiters built-in, and for those, it's easy to just switch a setting, but is there a way to 'automatically' cap the framerate on the PC, to the framerate of the video stream of the Shield? I don't really want to manually walk all the way to my PC simply to change the refresh rate, every single time I want to game from my couch - and I don't want to simply leave the refresh rate at 60 FPS on my PC either.
I also have some issues with getting performance metrics, such as FPS and frame time to show up on the stream - to help with optimizing in-game settings. Neither RTSS nor Nvidias own In-game overlay seems to be visible on the TV. Am I doing something wrong here, or are there other ways to display these?
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2022.01.19 10:36 II541NTZII I regret queueing Ranked as a newbie...

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2022.01.19 10:36 DystopianAdvocate Work-from-home trend pushes average London rent to all-time high

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2022.01.19 10:36 elel00 [€70] €20 WELCOME BONUS + €50 CASHBACK - Vivid Money Bank - FREE Metal Card - NEW Cashback Deals: Action, Aldi, Bauhaus, Bird, Bolt, Decathlon, Kik, Lidl, Lime, McDonald's, Microsoft, Rossmann, Spar, Voi Scooters [EUROPE]

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2022.01.19 10:36 3D_Crypto_Skulls 3D Crypto Skulls NFT

We giveaway 50 skulls to discord members and 50 to twitter best retweeters. Drop on 20.1.2022 Full colection starts on 31.1.2022. Taste IT!
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2022.01.19 10:36 KrishnaInKalki Ace Boogie on Twitter- Chido vs. Jalen Ramsey

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2022.01.19 10:36 UncleIye In the beginning was the word, and at the end was the word, and in between was a whole Lotta words...

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2022.01.19 10:36 Negan1995 Sydney Sweeney is an actress, and is 24 years old. So just stop.

The amount of comments and posts about her and you all trying to be her white knight defending her from nudity is fucking absurd. Just quit it???? It's a TV show - her actress agreed to it, and is more than likely 100% okay with it - hell it probably makes her feel good. She doesn't need an army of redditors defending her honor over literally nothing. The show is called EUPHORIA. Of course theres explicit sex and nudity...
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2022.01.19 10:36 Acti0n9809 H: TSE25 flamer/cyro/laser rifle, AAE15fr/QE25/QE90 cyros, VE90/AAE25/AAE90 flamers, VE25 laser, AAE15vcf gp and many more W: Explosive peppershaker or TSE25 laser willing to massively overpay

.AE gatling plasma 1
AAE15vcf gatling plasma 1
AAE15fr cyrolator 1
AAE250 gatling plasma 1
AAE90 gatling plasma 1
AAE25 flamer 1
AAE90 flamer 1
AAE50 laser rifle 1
AAE tesla 4
AAE25 radium rifle 1
BEFR dragon legacy range/damage
BE25 gauss rifle 7
BE90 radium rifle 2
BE25 tesla rifle 2
BE25 uc laser rifle 4
BE25 flamer 4
BE+A cyrolator 1
BE50 cyrolator 2
BE250 laser rifle 1
BE15FR gatling plasma 2
BE25 gatling plasma 2
BE15FR laser rifle 5
BE15fr flamer 1
B50c dragon legacy range 1
BE25 gatling laser 1
BE+A gatling laser 6
BE50 head 1
BerE250 ultracite laser rifle 1
DE gatling plasma 3
ExeE gatling plasma 1
FE50 laser rifle 1
FE90 gatling plasma 1
FE25 flamer 2
FE+A laser rifle 1
FE laser rifle Lv5 3
GSE15fr gatling plasma 1
IE laser rifle 2
IE25 gatling plasma 1
JE15FR gatling laser 1
JE250 flamer 2
JE25 gatling laser 1
JE250 cyro 1
JE25 flamer 2
JE+A laser rifle 3
JE laser rifle 1
JE250 uc laser rifle 1
JE+P gatling plasma 7
MuE25 laser rifle 1
QE15fr harpoon 1
QE+P assaultron head 5
QE15FR tesla rifle 1
QE50 Harpoon 1
QE25 fixer 1
QE ultracite laser rifle 1
QE50 laser rifle 1
QE25 cyro 1
QE90 cyro 1
QE15FR laser rifle 2
StE50 laser rifle 1
StE+P gatling plasma 1
SuE15fr gatling plasma 1
TSEFMSWA assaultron head 11
TSE50 laser rifle 2
TSE gauss rifle 1
TSE tesla 2
TSE uc laser rifle 1
TSEFM dragon legacy range 1
TSE90 gatling laser 2
TSE25 flamer 2
TSE25 laser rifle 2
TSE25 cyro 1
TSE+A gatling plasma 1
VE15c gatling plasma 1
VE+P tesla rifle 1
VE90 flamer 1
VE+P flamer 1
VE50 flamer 1
VE25 laser rifle 2
VE laser rifle 2
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2022.01.19 10:36 NoTapAxel Some PC components might be dying.

Whenever I turn on my PC, it shuts off after 1 second then reboots, but the GPU gives no display and doesn't light up. If I re-plug in my pc after that or restart it, the PC will boot up, but when it boots, my taskbar doesn't load at all, and I can't even press the windows key or anything on my taskbar.
G650M PSU GTX 1060 3gb PNY XLR8 Ryzen 7 3700x 20gb ddr4 3000mhz ram Corsair 4000D Mobo; b550a pro from MSI
(I have tried switching outlets to no prevail)
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2022.01.19 10:36 throwawaycheatedon19 My (M35) wife (F32) cheated on me and expects me to be sympathetic towards her.

Created a throwaway to share my story. I am a lurker on Reddit and I comment ever so often but since I have had the wind knocked out of me last weekend, here I am. This is my very first post, and I desperately wish it was under better circumstances.
My office is located about a 30 mins drive from my home, and my wife works from home. We have been together for 7 years, married for 4, and have no children. On Friday night, some of my work buddies and I went out for dinner as we had just closed a long-awaited deal, and the hours flew by. At about midnight I received a call from my wife's best friend 'Beth' that my wife was in the hospital, but it was nothing serious. I promptly dropped everything and had a friend drive me to the hospital as soon as he could (I was drinking, he wasn't. He does not drink and is the DD for all our outings). My wife was in bed and looked okay but was annoyed that Beth had told her what was going on.
I asked my wife over and over what happened and she said she had just fainted and that Beth thought the best thing to do was to get her to the hospital. She had fainted before too as she has a low BP problem. I asked if that was the case and she nodded and asked me to go home. I argued against it but she said she had Beth to keep her company and so I went home. In the morning both of them returned home, wherein my wife promptly went to bed and fell asleep. I asked if she was still feeling weak, and she said they had given her 'some really strong meds' and that bed rest was recommended.
Beth left soon after and I went about my day. There were some chores to do and some errands to run, and then at about lunchtime, I wondered if I should ask her if she wanted something to eat. I then noticed her phone pinging and it was full of texts from a guy who was apologizing over and over and asking if she was all right. 'You wanted this' he was saying. 'I hope I did not hurt you too badly' went another text. I desperately wanted to wake her and ask what was going on, but she guarded her phone with her life. I knew she would not take kindly to my peeking in it. I decided to broach the topic at a later time. She awoke about an hour after this, and we ate lunch in silence. She then said she wanted to go to the farmers' market in the evening and that Beth will go with her. I said nothing beyond asking her to be careful and call if she felt unwell again.
After she left I took her iPad which I knew had her login and went through the messages again, and there were a ton of messages from the same guy. The contents of the messages were absolutely revolting and heartbreaking at the same time. She had been seeing him for about a year, I could make that out from the message history. Their sex life was getting more and more adventurous and she encouraged him to do new things, in new places. I knew this because they would text each other as to how good their last outing or meeting was. This was not the woman I had married. She and I were very close to having a dead bedroom for the last few months and since we got married 4 years ago, sex was never more once a week. There also were no signs that she was cheating on me, at least none that I could spot. I just thought she was no longer interested in sex after she suffered a miscarriage about a year ago, and I decided not to initiate after a while after she began turning me down.
Obviously, it was him she was out to meet, and I confronted her with this when she returned. She denied it at first, and then denial turned quickly into anger. The full story then came tumbling out after some crying and a lot of back and forth yelling(that I am not proud of, but in the heat of the moment, some really hurtful things were said by both of us).
The visit to the emergency room on Friday night was because of some really aggressive anal penetration that resulted in a tear in her anus. She suffered a bit of bleeding and had to be rushed to the hospital. He dropped her off at the ER and took off like a coward. She then called Beth after she was admitted, and turns out Beth knew all about this right from the beginning. She had even met this guy.
After the story came pouring out, my wife began crying uncontrollably after I said we could not be together anymore. She then said 'I am fragile right now as he hurt me! Can you not see that? I need you now' and bawled louder. I yelled right back at her, telling her to go to hell, and that she should move out as soon as she was better. She did not, obviously, and said she never would as she 'still loved me'.
Midweek is here, and she is still at home. I have refused to talk to her or even be in the same room as her. I am taking a day off on Friday to consult a lawyer and I am thinking of using legal means to get her to move out. She tries to come closer and talk, I have been pushing her away. She cooks my favorite dishes and gets angry when I do not eat them(I have been ordering takeout since all this happened) and she even got her parents to talk to me, but I refused to talk to them. 7 years together, 4 married, and this is how she treats me. I have never been this angry and this sad at the same time. We were so happy till about a year or so ago. I cannot believe life has kicked me in the balls like this.
TL;DR: Wife was cheating on me for over a year, got caught, and still expects me to remain with her.
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