2022.01.19 10:45 Rasel365 STABILA

STABILA project built with careful planning and will bring something interesting in blockchain technology. The development team knows exactly what steps need to be taken for the project to be recognized by the community.
Stabila #STB #Blockchain #Decentralized
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2022.01.19 10:45 joeys_circle Logans Circle - Back & Forth [Rock/Pop-Punk]

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2022.01.19 10:45 niuz-bot Cîţu: Îmi menţin părerea că măsurile trebuie să le discutăm în coaliţie şi apoi să ieşim cu ele public - [Politica]

Preşedintele Senatului, liderul liberal Florin Cîţu, a reiterat, miercuri, că măsurile care se discută în coaliţia de guvernare trebuie comunicate public ulterior şedinţei în care acestea au fost luate şi nu înainte, menţionând că a abordat această chestiune cu liderii PSD.
Citeste in continuare:
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2022.01.19 10:45 two_in_the_stink Blursed whatever the hell this is O_o

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2022.01.19 10:45 StarHawk_204 Eternals' Powerscaling

I feel like the reason Eternals feel weak compared to the rest of the heros is because we didn't see them fight any other characters. What I feel is Deviants are the Eternals' kryptonite since both have cosmic magic flowing through them. I think Eternals are not to be taken lightly. I think Ikaris can beat Carol Danvers by a small margin. He can also stomp Thor and the others. After all, millions of years of experience can't go to waste. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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2022.01.19 10:45 niuz-bot Ministerul Dezvoltării: La Vaslui se va construi un bazin de înot olimpic - [Regionale]

Citeste in continuare:
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2022.01.19 10:45 jobsinanywhere Viruses unleashed into a woman’s wound to slay superbug in her leg

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2022.01.19 10:45 zencefilhackteam Sezen Aksu Kavgasında Hasan Mezarcı Tarafı

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2022.01.19 10:45 Ok_Belt7514 Muscle Soreness, Tissue Damage, and Recovery

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2022.01.19 10:45 TSBHTLERO Just a reminder: We’re always looking for videos, so feel free to submit any you think would fit on this sub

The goal is that one day this sub will be a big collection of anti-porn videos (we have 99 videos here at the time of posting this). That’s going to take time, but your submissions would definitely help. Some of the most interesting videos posted here so far have been submitted videos that I don’t know if I ever would’ve found. More people submitting videos means a more diverse, interesting, and valuable collection of videos.
Most of our videos have been from YouTube so far, but if you find videos from other sites feel free to submit them (as long as it’s not a porn site).
There are several videos I’ve found on YouTube I wanted to post here but one needs a YouTube account because you need to be 18+ to watch them. I’m currently making a list of those videos that I’ll post on the sub eventually, so if you find an anti-porn video that you need to be 18+ to watch please send the link our way and I’ll add it to the list.
Also, another reminder: We’re not a religious sub. Videos featuring people of faith is fine, as long as the faith isn’t the focus of the video. If someone in the video mentions their faith but goes on to describe either their experience in/with porn or the problems/effects of porn with realistic insight, that’s okay. If someone in the video says porn is bad because you’ll go to Hell and porn will make you a homosexual, that’s not okay.
Another another reminder: If you have any suggestions about ways to make this sub better feel free to let us know in the comments.
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2022.01.19 10:45 Glad-Blacksmith-7835 Some positivity cos I think we all need it

Times are rough but I had a really good experience the other day. My old manager just left and she gave us in the frame shop parting gifts. She got each of us a Michael’s gift card (honestly an awesome gift cause then I can use my discount on it) so after my shift I did a little shopping. I didn’t know how much was on the card so I just grabbed some washi tapes and headed up to the register. On my way up, I noticed that we had a ton of what I consider to be my “childhood” candy. Push pops, baby bottle pop, juicy drop pop, etc. Maybe I missed in previously, maybe we were out of stock, but I smiled at the fond memories when I saw it. There was no line and the store was empty so I asked the cashier if she could check the gift card balance. She did and it was $50???? I didn’t spend all of it, but you bet your behind I got myself some nostalgia candy and spend my evening watching old cartoons and eating junk. It was nice to relax for a bit, and all of it was funded by my very sweet manager :)
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2022.01.19 10:45 user_14562 Score Hero IRL 🔥🔥

I think there isn't better free kick !
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2022.01.19 10:45 Duckman18007 What are some good exercises to get a more feminine body?

And also when should I do them
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2022.01.19 10:45 fett2517 So project “paint all your built stuff before starting anything new” is going exceptionally poorly.

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2022.01.19 10:45 Piano-Freak Latin Piano Tutorial

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2022.01.19 10:45 BrightscapesArt Art Is For Influencing the Mind

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2022.01.19 10:45 onlyfansgratis No GSYNC Setting on RTX 2060 Max-Q .

Currently running in 1440p 120hz fine,‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­but there is no GSYNC option available for me to click in Nvidia control panel? I have turned on ULTRA HDMI Colour, Freesync premium, Instant game mode etc. and still nothing showing up. Any help?
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2022.01.19 10:45 Totalitariani Writing a letter

Last night my LO made it clear that, for completely unknown reasons to me, she wants nothing to do with me despite the fact I am moving an ocean away in two days. This morning I woke up at 3 am and decided to start writing her a letter. I’ve been writing an awful lot. Five pages, in fact. I don’t think it’s completely psychopathic of me to do this, we were extremely close friends for a year and a half, it’s not unreasonable for me to be reacting badly to getting randomly thrown out of her life. Here’s an excerpt.

This letter is intended as a final goodbye. After this, I will no longer make any attempts to get in contact with you. That’s not to say that I don’t want to, that is very clearly not the case, but I refuse to degrade myself by begging for attention from someone who wants nothing to do with me. My number will be changing in just a couple days and despite me wanting you to, I don’t expect you’ll ask for it. I still have you on Facebook, if you ever want to get in contact again for absolutely any reason then don’t hesitate to use Facebook Messenger, we can sort out the phone number situation there. Or you can request to follow me on Instagram (username), or Snapchat (username), or even TikTok (username). The point I am making is that I am leaving the door open, but I will not be going through it first. This is, if you want it to be, the last time we need to interact in any form. Anyway, formalities aside.
And then I write for another 3,500 words. I guess the letter is kind of a last ditch attempt for her to wake up and realise what she is doing to me and that she is being unreasonable. Despite this, I am specifically trying very hard to avoid guilting her. I won’t get her back by doing that, even though I really would like to yell and scream at her and all that. I’m just focusing on how willing I am to be there for her, and how important she has been to me, and all that.
I’ve grovelled before so I wouldn’t consider this grovelling, I do fully intend for this to be the last time I reach out to her. And that makes me so fucking sad. She is all I think about, I can’t have her not like me anymore, especially without a reason. We were best friends..
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2022.01.19 10:45 webmediums Padre dona órganos de niña que murió en colegio chino después de tropezarse con un alumno

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2022.01.19 10:45 Beautiful_Fishing569 Tony Tony Chopper plush hand warmer

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2022.01.19 10:45 MaxxStewartFitness Super Hard Abs Workout | Perfect to Get 6 Pack at Home (15 Min)

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2022.01.19 10:45 LeeroyM So what do you think Ford's announcement will be this week?

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2022.01.19 10:45 JJLeathersmith Help understanding Tax Treaty Canada/Ecuador

Hello there,
I am Canadian, with residency in Ecuador and Canada and I have an LLC in the US that processes most of our sales online. (almost all of my sales go through that LLC in the US)
I have a good understanding of what my tax obligations are between the US and Canada but since I now have a residency in Ecuador I am not sure how that plays into things.
I know that there are a lot of moving parts in this but I am trying to understand the tax treaties that exist between Ecuador and Canada right now.
Do I have to pay taxes in both Ecuador and Canada on the same foreign earned income (income earned in the US).
On what income do I need to pay to Ecuador and what tax should I pay to Canada.
Is there a way to just claim all income in either Ecuador or Canada and not be obligated to pay in the other country since there is a tax treaty to avoid double taxation.

These questions are probably best directed to a CPA but I don't know one who knows this stuff so any suggestions and insights are much appreciated.

I look forward to the discussion.
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2022.01.19 10:45 Courtkneep Looking for someone

My dad left me when I was young and moved Dubai. I’ve been trying to find him for the past 12 years and wondering how that may be possible? Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a white pages directory. Any suggestions considering I live in Canada?
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2022.01.19 10:45 Ereo-Gaming New Video! Block a Day - Day #365

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