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2022.01.19 09:58 Much-Prior-8238 hey

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2022.01.19 09:58 olaclementine i wish the block button on Reddit was an actual block button and not a mute button

if you didn't know already, the block button on Reddit only stops you from seeing other people's posts, meaning if you block someone they can still see your comments and posts. it's so unfortunate! especially having been encountered several times by both several and the same person over and over again, even after i made multiple new accounts (i know right...).
it's been too many times now that i've deleted an account because someone, or just one person in my case, keeps finding me. just like my diary is my thought diary and Instagram is my visual diary, Reddit is my explore diary, and i want to keep documentation of it.
dear Redditors, it's fine to reach out and ask to be friends. just be honest and intentional with it. don't pretend to say that you want to be friends if you want something more from the start. just be straight up. i always have to be straight up from the get-go, especially with men boys on Reddit. i hate liars, and yes i do consider "leaving out info." as a part of the liars spectrum because you essentially think i'm stupid enough to be fooled. not cool.
i'm just here to have a good time. it's sad that i don't feel comfortable anymore to comment on forums and share my thoughts because certain ppl *cough cough* will find me. i'm no longer taking anymore message requests unless asked of. then again, i'll eventually stop giving a f*ck and just post whatever i want. anyone else feel me? lol
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2022.01.19 09:58 Active-Neat-5511 "Keys To Tulsa" On You Tube & Other 90's Tarantino Ripoffs

To really understand what a decade was like, you have to watch the ripoffs of successful films.
For example, to really understand the late 70's don't watch Saturday Night Fever watch Prom Night or Makin It with that guy from American Wereewolf.
To really truly understand the 90's you have to watch an execrable Tarantino urban lowlife crime caper like KEYS TO TULSA or THINGS TO DO IN DENVER or KILLING ZOE.
KEYS TO TULSA is somehow the best: Eric Stoltz (Check). The drug of choice for the characters is cocaine (check). Everybody chainsmokes everywhere (Check). Lot's of strip club scenes (Check). Cameron Diaz (Check).
I never BOUGHT Eric Stoltz as a lowlife in those 90's crimes films. He's too clean-cut & frothy & WASPY.
However, to really see the 90's in all off its wide painted ties & long suits & big-haired glory...
Gotta watch old crime films.
Now free on You Tube.
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2022.01.19 09:58 F91Dundelange Today's been good

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2022.01.19 09:58 Apart-Scale What mobile games are just a scam?

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2022.01.19 09:58 Pergolasarepretty How badly is it going to affect my chances of getting a well paing job?

So,I am 21f and I graduated high school in 2018 and will be starting online Bachelor's programme this year. I could not continue my education for 4 years because I had severe mental health issues. Please tell me that all is not lost and i can still do well.
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2022.01.19 09:58 Rocinante1978 Elsa Hosk

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2022.01.19 09:58 Tom_Tallentire_14 Quake and possibly yo-yo theory

Maybe quake could appear in she hulk as a client who needs defence as of all of her work with shield which fell and she could now be seen as dangerous with her powers maybe yo-yo too
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2022.01.19 09:58 Dickoreeeeee 🤔

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2022.01.19 09:58 pstream20 Why do owners expect 24hr on call house sitting for $40/night

For sittings, I explicitly say in my profile I do 2 drop ins during the day and stay 12 hours overnight. So dogs are getting 4 to 5 potty breaks a day minimum and are not left longer than about 4-6 hours (6 hours is definitely not the norm, usually only when I'm very busy and holidays). Most people find this super reasonable and I have over 100 reviews now.
This is my full time job, so I also have on average 5-8 services per day. I have it noted on my profile as well that I offer 24hr supervision for a day rate of $250—basically what I would give up on a very busy day with my other walks and drop ins.
Someone I had done walks for in the past asked me to take care of their young adult Bernese Mountain Dog while they were out of town. They told me the dog could be left for 4 hours at a time, but she eats her hair when she's in her crate alone and they had a scare recently with a big hairball.
They told me they would leave in the morning sometime, but would tell me the exact time the day of. I got a text at 7:45am that they were leaving and the dog was excited to see me. Well, that was a bit of an issue because I have 5 lunch time clients in the opposite direction of their house and I did not expect them to leave that early for a roadtrip. I told the owner I would be there for a walk around lunch time.
At 12:30, I got a text asking if I was close because the dog "has been alone a long time" and "goodness knows how much hair she has eaten". And that was before the booking even actually began! Since then, I've gotten so many texts with anxious tones asking about the dog and how long she's alone.
I send lengthy updates, minimum 4 times per day for sitting, so I guess they need more. That just always felt like overkill when clients are trying to relax on vacation. Plus, they have cameras inside and out, so they know when I'm at the house. It's like having your boss breathing down your neck at all times. I've been so anxious about the time I'm spending at the house, I even paid someone to go take care of my cat tonight because I haven't been home at all.
Sitting in general just boggles my mind because the options for a house sitter are basically as follows:
1- someone who does Rover as a side hustle and presumably works another job to support themselves, minimum 20 hours/week, probably closer to 40+
2- someone who does Rover to support themselves and therefore has regular clients. Usually clients with long work hours need lunchtime walks, etc.
3- someone who is in school, doing Rover casually and is probably young/inexperienced
4- someone who works from home full time and does Rover as a side hustle, but is still an adult with other responsibilities
I imagine option 4 is the minority of Rover sitters, yet that seems to be the expectation from a lot of clients.
How can anyone expect an adult person to be stuck in their house without leaving their pet alone for longer than 3 or 4 hours? It's insane to me. How do the owners themselves get anything done? Assuming they're WFH or stay at home parents even, just running a couple quick errands at the bank yesterday meant I was away from the house 2.5 hours. I started stressing out, waiting for that "when are you going to be back over?" text.
I'm just tired, y'all. Luckily the dog is the sweetest thing ever, so it's worth it
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2022.01.19 09:58 JalepenoPeppers Any free scripts for leaking maps/games/models compatible with Krnl?

Basically any free scripts that can leak stuff, if no free options, cheapest paid options work to
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2022.01.19 09:58 playful_pedals Our cat got out and now our other cat won't stop hissing at him...any tips?

The maintenance guy at our building let one of our cats out. Luckily he stayed in the hallway. After 3 hours our neighbor took him in. We got home to full blown panic of where is our cat? Once he was found it was probably a total of 6 hours out of the apartment.
Our cats are not a bonded pair, however they snuggle and all that. However now our other cat is very territorial and continually follows our cat and hisses (its back to the first 2 weeks of the bonding process).
My guess is it has to do with smells and he smells different from a different apartment but I am not sure. Any ideas of why or what to do?
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2022.01.19 09:58 HungoverRabbit Perfect Boston Baked Beanis

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2022.01.19 09:58 BastetMumu Does anybody know what/who this flag represents?

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2022.01.19 09:58 JohnBrownsAngryBalls Biden administration to ship free 400 million N95 masks across the US starting this week

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2022.01.19 09:58 andre-fuchs HENTO lets you quickly generate links for all popular NFT marketplaces on Tezos.

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2022.01.19 09:58 DrownedInBathtub 💀

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2022.01.19 09:58 The_Rocking_Chef Homemade Lemon meringue pie (I hope this counts as a pie..)

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2022.01.19 09:58 christine_smoke The way the sun hits makes my soul feel alive. (34f)

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2022.01.19 09:58 ibralicious How was your healthiest relationship like?

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2022.01.19 09:58 thuhoo Be My Valentine? NFT - Link in the comments

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2022.01.19 09:58 trclark24 5th Legendary for DD4

Hello all. I was wanting someone else’s thoughts on whether or not I should upgrade AW to g15 for DD4. I currently am running Doc ock (5y5r), shuri (7y7r), IW (5y5r), and jubilee (5y5r) but is taking FOREVER I just managed to beat the second node and will start the last tomorrow.
Do you think AW will make things easier for me? Or should I wait on Omega? Gear isn’t an issue for me as I have the gear to level both, it’s just the gold. I have both OR and AW at 5rs when unlocked.
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2022.01.19 09:58 razor115 PTs

I’m trying to win an argument here. Are you supposed to wear the long sleeve with the shirt sleeve when you have on the jacket and pants?
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2022.01.19 09:58 oldmanlogan1981 Progress…the journey continues

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2022.01.19 09:58 YUUKRP_ADAM Hoca:çok sinir bozucu bir şey söyleyim benim söylediğim

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