Weird first

2022.01.19 11:18 CeruleanYoshi Weird first

Going in for covid testing today. While *that's* not a first and I'm not excited about it or about feeling like ass, it is a weird comfort that this will be my first time testing sober. I don't have to wonder if my symptoms are just because I drink way too much and be angry at myself that if I'm sick I probably did it to myself. I'm not spending the morning drinking, and I can feel confident that when I told work I feel lousy and am going to get tested it's not that I'm just hungover and paranoid. I don't have to wonder if the doctor will be able to smell anything on my breath when I go in.
Obviously I'm hoping for a negative test and also to feel better soon. But there's a lot of guilt I'm not feeling. I'm vaxxed and boosted, I've been masking, I'm sober, I've been taking care of myself, and I've been feeling good enough in general that when I hit that point of, "Oh shit, I think I'm actually sick" that actually means something other than "Idk, did I just drink extra last night? How long has it been since I got to bed before 1am, anyway?"
I know, this is a really weird post. But if anyone in the world can understand the weird, "Whatever it is, at least it's not my drinking" feels it's gotta be someone on here. Fingers crossed for me.
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2022.01.19 11:18 improfet Full Brightcaster Archetype!!!!

Fight the shadows with this new archetype, The Brightcaster! As always I appreciate your feedback as it helps make my homebrew as balanced as possible! Here is the scribe link! Brightcaster
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P.S. If you want to experiment with any of my previously posted Homebrew they are available for free on Wander's Guide thanks to the generous support of the one called Teddy! You can add them to your collection here! Wanders Guide
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2022.01.19 11:18 BornaBes00 A terrible storm hit my town while I was in school (Part 3)

Part 1:
Part 2:

It felt like 10 hours passed when I heard a quiet knocking on my door. In reality, it was only 2 hours. The knocking startled me, and I quickly sat up in my bed. There was another knock. Catharine woke up and switched to a sitting position as well.
“What’s going on?” she whispered.
I looked at her and then back at the door. There was another knock. Catharine stood up, walked up to the door, and started opening it. I almost shouted and jumped from my bed when I saw Julian’s face appear through the half-opened door. I can’t remember that I ever felt more relief before or after that moment. Julian saw Catharine and smiled at me.
“I see I wasn’t the only happy one this night,” he whispered.
Catharine softly pushed him away. She turned towards me and smiled.
“Let’s go,” she said. “I really want to see them leave.”
I got up from my bed and followed Julian and Catharine. Darkness filled the hallways, rooms, and classrooms all throughout the bunker. The only place where it was left on was the teachers’ lounge. We stopped before the teachers’ lounge doors and Julian knocked. We saw the light from it breaking out through the small cracks below and above the door.
“Come in, quickly,” Natalie said after quietly opening the door.
As soon as we got in, we could see the principal and three other teachers preparing while Toby was begging them to take him with them. They, of course, kept refusing.
“For the last time, Toby, you can’t go with us,” the principal told him.
“But can you at least explain why?” Toby asked.
Toby wasn’t stupid. He knew why they couldn’t take him. But to him, it didn’t make any sense. He wanted to be a hero. I decided to look around while they were arguing. I checked the equipment they were carrying. They took flashlights, kitchen knives, and keys for all of the rooms in the school. They put on some darker hoodies they found. They added another shirt beneath the hoodie because of the temperature outside.
“Do you have everything?” the principal asked Mr. Willson.
Mr. Willson was the PE teacher.
“Yeah,” he replied while looking down at his equipment. “That should be all.”
“Good,” the principal told him. “We’re leaving in five minutes.”
One of the teachers left to go the bathroom, while the second one tried to explain to Toby why going with them is bad. The principal took Jol to the side and talked to her while Mr. Willson started talking to the rest of us.
“Are you scared?” he asked us. “Who am I kidding? Of course, you are,” he chuckled. “But that’s okay. Do you want to hear a secret?” he asked us.
After he asked us, Catharine grabbed my hand.
“I’m afraid too,” he said. “But that’s what makes us humans. We are afraid, but we do these things despite that. Why? Because we are stronger than fear,” he said. “Don’t let dear destroy you. Use it as a weapon, as a voice of reason, but never let it take control.”
I could have used that advice earlier that night. Honestly, what he told us helped us calm down a lot. When he was finished, he stood up and walked up to the principal. He whispered something into the principal’s ear. When he was done, he took a step back. The principal hugged Jol and stood up. By that time, the other teachers returned from the bathroom and gave up on trying to explain the situation to Toby.
“We’re leaving,” the principal said and left the room. Mr. Willson and the other two teachers followed him, and we were the last to leave. There were another two teachers with us who weren’t going out but were there just to close the bunker door and help the principal with gear.
We quietly left the teachers’ lounge and walked up to the stairs. There were big doors in front of the stairs. They weren’t that strong, only big. The principal opened them and turned back towards us. He looked at each of us and then at one of the professors that came here to close the door behind them.
“I leave you in charge,” he told her. “If anything happens,” he stopped for a second. “If we don’t return by 6 AM, we are probably already dead or are about to die. I’d suggest you don't open the doors unless we give you a signal with knocking. I’ll show it to you while we are about to leave.”
All of us were looking at him while he was saying that. We didn’t want him to die. He was a good principal and all of us liked him. He turned towards us and started to step in front of each of us and tell us something. I don’t remember what he said to the others. But I do remember what he said to me.
“Don’t change,” he told me. “Others will want you to change, and you’d try to, but as someone who went through that, I assure you that changing won’t help. It’ll only worsen the situation.”
He continued after me and he finished with Jol. He hugged her and then turned back towards the exit.
“Let’s do this,” he said as he started to walk up the stairs.
We all stayed back while one of the teachers followed them to close the doors behind them. It felt like an hour passed while we watched them go up the stairs. When the doors opened, we were hit with a cold wind. Most of us shivered and Catharine pulled me towards her. Suddenly, Toby jumped forward and was about to start running after them when Julian jumped after him and grabbed him by the shoulder. Carmen helped him as well.
“Let me go,” Toby said.
“There’s nothing you can do, Toby,” she told him.
They managed to keep him from escaping while the principal was showing the special knock to the teacher. When he was done, he looked at us. All of us, including Toby, noticed it. Julian and Carmen let go of Toby, but he didn’t run. He just kept standing in one place. The principal lifted his arm and waved. I waved back but stopped when I noticed that no one else was waving back at him. We watched the door close in front of him and trap us inside here once more.
“So that’s it?” Toby asked.
“I guess,” the teacher that stayed at the bottom of the stairs with us. “Do any of you need anything?”
“No,” Jol replied. “Thank you, Miss.”
“If you need anything, just ask,” she replied. “We know that this is very stressful for you so we would be happy to help, okay?”
Natalie nodded while looking at her and the teacher returned a smile.
“I need to go now,” the teacher said. “I need to get some sleep.”
While we were talking to her, the other teacher closed the door at the bottom of the steps. She looked at us, smiled, and passed next to us.
“You should get some sleep as well,” the first teacher told us. “If you can.”
She smiled and left us.
“What now?” Toby asked.
“Now I go to sleep,” I told him. “I’m just too tired.”
“Me too,” Julian agreed. “We’ll talk in the morning, man.”
All of us started walking to our rooms when we noticed that Toby stayed in front of the door. One of the teachers locked them so he wasn’t able to open them.
“You’re not going to sleep?” Carmen asked him.
“No,” he replied. “I’ll wait here.”
“Whatever you say, man,” Julian replied and started walking away.
The rest of us followed him and left Toby looking at the door. I remember Carmen stopping for a few seconds, but deciding to leave as well. Julian, Catharine, and I got into our room quietly. Each of us went to our boxes and tried to get some sleep. I somehow managed to fall asleep very quickly.
I woke up at about 11 AM. I got out of my box and noticed that I was the only one who was still in the room. Only then I remembered that I was supposed to go to class that started at 10 AM. I guessed that the others managed to get up, but decided not to wake me up for some reason. I decided to go through the bunker for a bit because I wasn’t about to barge in the middle of the class. I stepped out into the hallway and saw... no one. It was empty. It felt so good to be alone in an open space for a change. I took in a deep breath and smiled.
I decided to have a walk around the sports hall. It was the only area in the bunker that I didn’t visit by then so I thought that it would be best to check it out while I’m alone. It was much larger than I expected it to be. There was a metal basket filled with basketballs and tennis equipment. I took a little walk around it. I was never into sports. No one from my friend group was. Toby and Catharine did work out, but that’s not it, I guess.
I didn’t spend much time there. When I left the room, out of nowhere, Darrick appeared in front of me.
“Jesus Christ, Darrick,” I whispered after jumping backward. “Why are you sneaking up on me?”
He just stood there and looked at me for a few seconds.
“OK...” I was confused. “Shouldn’t you be in class?” I asked him.
“Shouldn’t you?” he replied.
“I slept in,” I told him.
“Me too,” he said before putting on a creepy grin.
“I’ll see you around...” I told him trying to end our interaction as quickly as I could.
“Bye,” he said as he started waving.
“Only thing that could ruin this happened,” I whispered to myself when I was further away.
I continued walking down the hallway, but when I realized that I didn’t hear any footsteps behind me, I turned around. I noticed that Darrick wasn’t there anymore. It creeped me out a bit, but I assumed that he went into the sports hall.
When I walked for long enough, I saw the doors that led to the stairs. I immediately remembered what happened early in the morning and noticed that Toby was still standing next to them. He was leaning on the wall and barely kept himself awake. I walked up to him.
“Toby,” I said. “You didn’t sleep?”
“Oh, hey Melena,” he said lifting his head.
His eyes were red from tiredness and he had huge bags under his eyes.
“No, no,” he barely said. “I... I didn’t sleep at all.”
“Go sleep now,” I told him. “You need it.”
“No,” he replied lifting his finger and pointing at me. “They didn’t come back and I'm not leaving until they come back.”
Suddenly, fear and paranoia hit me. They didn’t return. Does that mean that after all, there is something outside?
“You should really get some sleep,” I told Toby trying to hide the unnerving feeling I got from what he said. “I’ll wake you up immediately when they return, okay?”
He let out a big sigh and nodded.
“I guess I’m okay with that,” he said.
He pushed himself away from the wall and started slowly walking to his room.
“You idiot,” I whispered to myself and chuckled.
After that encounter, I went into the library and checked that book about the history of the town Jol read a day before that. I thought that I might be able to find something new. I stayed there until the end of the class. I heard the bell ring and decided to put the book back and look for my friends. It didn’t take me long to find them.
“Where have you been?” Catharine asked me.
“Sleeping,” I responded. “I was tired.”
“And have you seen Toby?” Carmen asked him.
“Yeah, I told him to go to sleep,” I told her.
“And he listened to you?” she said surprised.
“I told him that I’ll wake him up if they return,” I told her.
“They didn’t return?” Julian asked.
“You didn’t know?” I asked.
“No,” Julian replied. “We didn’t have time to talk to Toby. We needed to go to class.”
“Nothing good can come of that,” Natalie said.
I took a look at Jol. She was biting her nails and had a worried expression on her face. After seeing that, I gave Natalie an angry look.
“What?” she asked.
I pointed at Jol with my head. Natalie and the rest of the group took a look at Jol.
“Natalie’s wrong,” Catharine said. “I’m sure that nothing happened to them. They’re smart enough to avoid danger.”
“I hope so,” Jol replied.
“We all do,” said Julian. “You want to go to the library?” he asked. “Get a table there before lunch.”
“They’re all probably taken already,” I said. “But it’s worth checking.
We started walking towards the library. When we were just about to enter, we heard a loud metallic bang. It ringed through the air and took everyone’s attention. There was another bang. And then another. We kept hearing them in some sort of a rhythm.
“They’re back,” Natalie said.
Just after she said that one of the teachers that closed the door busted out of the teacher’s lounge and started running up the stairs. People started gathering around the bottom of the stairs. We somehow managed to push ourselves through the crowd and got pretty close to the bottom of the stairs. We weren’t in the first, nor second row, but we could see what was going on. We could hear the doors open and then yelling.
“Close the door!” the principal shouted after they got in.
The teacher pushed the button and the doors started closing while the group started running down the stairs. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, we were surprised. Four of them left the bunker. Five returned. No one said anything. We just kept looking at the principal and the group. The teacher who opened the door followed closely after them. The principal started walking towards his office and the students started moving out of his way. He was followed by the rest of the groups and the fifth person that came in.
It was a man. I didn’t have a too good look at his face, but I saw that he had a scar on his right eye. He was about 6’4 and was carrying... a war hammer made of some dark metal. He wore a brown overcoat with some sort of a weird symbol on his chest. There was also some sort of contraption on his left arm. He carried a large dagger on his left hip. He kept his look in front of himself and followed the rest of the group.
“I’ll tell you everything soon,” the principal said while pulling the doors of his office towards himself. “We just need to rest a bit.”
They closed themselves into the office and everyone just kept looking at the door. I noticed a few teachers in the crowd. They had an expression of surprise just like students. After some time, the strange man opened the door.
“If you’ve noticed anyone acting... wrong, report it to us immediately,” he said. “Thank you.”
He closed the door soon after that. He had the coldest voice that I have ever heard. I was focusing on what the man said when Carmen touched my shoulder.
“Do you know where Toby is?” she asked me.
“Fuck,” I replied. “He’s sleeping. I told him that I’ll wake him up when the principal returns.”
“I’ll go wake him up,” she told me.
“I’ll go with you,” Natalie said. “It’s too crowded here.”
“Okay,” I said. “Can you please tell Toby that I’m sorry?” I asked.
“Don’t worry,” replied Carmen. “He will forgive you.”
Carmen and Natalie started pushing themselves through the crowd leaving Catharine, Julian, Jol, and me in the middle of it.
“Why would we need to report if someone’s acting weird?” Jol asked.
“I wouldn’t know,” Catharine replied. “Maybe someone here went mad and they are trying to catch them.”
“Why does he carry a war hammer and a dagger?” Julian asked. “Something isn’t right here. Why would he be carrying that over a gun?”
“Why would he bring a gun?” I asked.
“For the same reason as the other weapons,” he replied. “But it’s more convenient. And what is the reason for weapons?”
“Is there someone dangerous in here with us?” Jol asked.
“We already knew that, Jol,” Catharine replied.
We continued talking about it for some time. We waited for the principal to leave the room, but nothing happened. In the meantime, students started shouting at each other and we could barely hear anything.
“I’m going to the door!” Jol shouted. “I’m going to listen through the door!”
“How?!” Julian asked her.
“I going to crouch down, put my ear onto the door and close my other ear!” she shouted. “I might hear something!”
She left towards the office doors. It was easy for her to get through the crowd because she was short and thin. She could just avoid people. But still, even after about 5 minutes, nothing happened. We kept looking at the door. Suddenly, all of the shoutings were interrupted by a loud blood-curdling scream. Everyone froze at first, but when the scream didn’t stop, all of us turned towards the direction it was coming from.
“Darrick,” I quickly whispered to Julian and Catharine. “He was acting weird,” I said while still listening to the screams.
At first, we thought that only one person was screaming, but we were wrong. One of the screams suddenly stopped, while the other started to slowly become louder and louder. It was followed by the sound of running. It was coming from the hallway that led to the rooms where we slept. Suddenly, Natalie appeared running out of the hallway. She was screaming and crying and the expression on her face was that of terror. Such terrible terror that I can’t even explain it.
I was relieved that it was only Natalie. I expected something much worse to jump out, and I couldn’t be more wrong. Just after Natalie came running, a large thin shape jumped after her. Before I could even blink the shape pierced Natalie’s chest and lifted her into the air. Everyone started screaming and trying to run away, but I stayed for a second. I was too shocked to react and... I wanted to know what it was too much.
The shape was much cleared when it stopped. It was an insanely thin and tall humanoid with light grey skin with some light blue accents. It was completely furless and its skin was covered with some sort of a sticky liquid. It had huge claws on its arms. It had its mouth open and I noticed that it was filled with large pointy teeth. It had no nose, but its eyes... its eyes were huge and completely white apart from the insanely small pupils that were pointed at Natalie.
It pushed its arm into Natalie’s back and it came out of her chest. It pulled Natalie’s body near to its face and opened its mouth widely. I saw its tongue start licking Natalie’s head from behind. She coughed up quite a large amount of blood and died. The creature suddenly stopped, returned its tongue, and closed its mouth. It had its head pointing at Natalie when its pupils jumped from her corpse to... well, right at me. This made me scream on the inside, but just the sheer shock caused by the situation didn’t allow my body to do anything. It started slowly turning its head towards me while still keeping its pupils fixated on me. After turning to me, it put on the most disturbing grin I’ve ever seen. Seeing its razor-sharp teeth covered in blood made things so much worse.
“Melena!” Catharine shouted grabbing me by my hand and pulling me away.
While I was still looking at the... thing, I saw it jump to the side and kill four students just with one swipe of its arm. I realized that Catharine was trying to drag me towards the principal’s office. Everyone was trying to get to it. Only the weird man tried getting out and shouting something at the kids. But he couldn’t get out. Too many people were trying to get into the office because they thought it would be safer. I could hear screaming and shouting all around me. Here and there, the creature let out a screech. It echoed through the air somehow managing to be louder than any other sound.
Catharine kept pulling me through the crowd, but it wasn’t too helpful. We barely got any closer. I noticed that Julian got very close to the office. I assumed that Jol was close to him as she could just easily sneak through between people. I could still see the weird man shouting, but he started to be pushed back into the office despite how loud he yelled or how hard he pushed forward.
The fear in that situation made me stop and pull Catharine’s hand. She tried pulling me back, but when I pulled harder, she turned around with a shocked expression.
“What are you doing?” she shouted.
“It’s over,” I told her while my eyes started to tear up. “We are going to die. Everyone is.”
“No!” she yelled. “We can still get to the office. We’ll get through this.”
She started tearing up as well. I turned around to take a look at the situation and I saw the creature literally scything through students. It was cutting through them like it was nothing. The entire floor was covered with dismembered and decapitated bodies. Guts were laying around and flying through the air while the creature was slaughtering everyone.
“It’s okay,” I told Catharine after turning around. “We can’t do anything,” I said while pulling her closer and hugging her.
We could hear the creature slowly coming closer and closer. I started sobbing while people around me tried to get closer to the office. The screams, terrified faces, and disfigured bodies will stay embedded in my mind until the day I die.
Suddenly I someone rammed into my back and made us fall. Before we could even scream, Catharine hit the back of her head and fell unconscious immediately. I rolled off of her and kept looking at the ceiling. At that moment, I completely lost the ability to hear. It was all just silence. I could only feel my lungs filling up and releasing air. Suddenly, I saw a body fly through the air and fall onto me. I turned my head to the left and saw that one fell onto Catharine as well. At first, I tried pushing the one laying on me away, and at first, it worked. But then something pushed it down and I hit my arm on the floor. I didn’t try pushing it anymore even though the pressure stopped quickly.
I noticed that the screams were starting to get quieter. It felt they just started fading one by one and silence was slowly settling in. There were still some screams coming from what I assumed to be the principal’s office. I also heard grunting and noticed that someone was jumping around. There was a large bang and the screams of the people in the office got louder, but they were quickly silenced. There was nothing for a few seconds, and then a screech and... a war cry.
The creature started letting out louder and scarier screeches and I could hear a man grunting. I tried pushing the corpse off of me because I noticed that I started losing air to breathe. I tried pushing the corpse away when I heard a loud thud on the floor next to me. It was followed by a screech and another grunt from the man.
It continued like that for a short time after that when I heard the sound of bones breaking. At first, I couldn’t hear anything but my breathing and sobbing, but when I calmed down, I listened and heard heavy breathing. I screamed.
“Help! Please help!” I shouted.
I knew that I wouldn’t survive if I stayed there for much longer. Soon after that, I would have choked, but fortunately, I was heard. I heard footsteps running towards me. There was a grunt before I felt one of the bodies that were laying on me moving. I screamed louder, partly due to shock, and partly due to hope that after all, I might survive.
When the other body started moving, I was filled with joy like never before or after. I started breathing heavily as soon as the body stopped pressuring my chest.
“You’re alive?” a familiar deep voice asked.
I didn’t see the person because of tears, but I noticed when they offered me a hand. I took the hand, but before I stood up completely, I remembered Catharine.
“Catharine!” I shouted and dropped back to the floor.
There was a body laying on her so I pushed it away. I don’t know how I managed to do it knowing that I couldn’t push the bodies off of myself, but I did it.
“Oh, Catharine,” I said putting my hand on her cheek.
She didn’t move. I thought she was dead so I hugged her body and leaned in putting my head next to hers.
“She doesn’t have any scars,” the man said behind me. “Move,” he leaned in and pushed me away with his arm.
He put his fingers on her neck trying to feel the pulse. Somehow this managed to be the most intense moment of the night. He held his fingers on her neck for another minute before moving them away and taking in a deep sigh. He turned his head towards me, but everything was still blurry.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “She’s gone.”
Those words broke me. I didn’t know what to do.
“I’ll go take a look if anyone else survived,” the man said standing up. “Though I don’t believe that that’s true.”
He started looking around while I kept sitting there next to Catharine’s corpse. In all that mess, out of all the things that could have killed her, it was the impact with the floor. I started blaming myself for it. I thought I was the one responsible for her death because if it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t just stand there. Now, I see how wrong I was, but at the time, it was the only thing I could do. I got closer to the body, put my hand beneath her head, and carefully pulled her into my lap.
“I’ll always love you,” I said. “I’ll never forget you.”
I kissed her on the forehead and carefully put her body back on the ground. I stood up and looked around. I immediately puked. The entire floor was covered in mangled and torn-up bodies. There was some flesh sticking on the walls, and there was blood everywhere. I threw up even more. I can’t even describe how terrible this looked. Even though I was dizzy from the shock, and the fact that my brain wasn’t working properly after I found out that Catharine died, I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There are no such words that could explain how terrible it was.
“Hey,” the mad said while putting his hand on my shoulder.
I didn’t react. I couldn’t.
“Are you okay?” he asked. “You were just sitting there for 15 minutes.”
“Wh... What?” I asked.
“Never mind,” he replied. “I found two people still breathing,” he said. “You three were lucky?”
“Lucky?” I asked him. “How can you call this lucky? Everyone I loved is dead!” I shouted.
The man just kept staring at me.
“How can you call me lucky after that?” I asked him once more.
“To be honest, I don’t know,” he said.
“Why did you say it then?”
“To calm you down, I guess,” he replied. “Do you want to find your friends? We can give them a burial... or burn them. Whatever you want to do?”
“Yeah,” I answered. “I’d like that. But you have to explain everything.”
“It’s not really the best deal, but why not,” he put on a smile.
I didn’t.
“How did you end up here?” I asked him.
“Authorities sent me,” he replied.
“So, you were supposed to protect us?” I looked right into his eyes. “You’re the one the principal was told about.”
His smile disappeared from his face, and I clearly saw slight anger in his eyes.
“And I would have if I was given the opportunity to get to the cryptid sooner,” he replied with a much more monotone and stoic voice than before.
This reminded me to take a look at the creature’s body. As soon as the man was finished with the sentence, I turned around and saw the creature’s body laying on the floor. I walked up to it and stopped about a foot away from it. Its skull was beaten in, and it was disgusting. It seemed to have blood just like ours.
“CR-Stormbringer,” the man said. “They are shape-shifters. They can imitate people or any other living thing larger than a coyote. The process of how they do it is too complicated to explain, but I do have one question for you. Did you notice anyone acting weirder than usual?”
“I did,” I replied.
“Who was it?” he asked.
“Derrick,” I explained. “He... he went to my class.”
“That explains the body,” he whispered.
I heard him.
“What body?” I asked.
“Fuck... I wasn’t supposed to tell you that,” he looked into my eyes. “We found a body in one of the school’s toilets. The skin was torn right off of it and the cryptid used it to disguise itself as that person. It was probably that guy.”
Only now I noticed how close to death I was earlier when I met him outside the sports hall. And right after I was told that I connected the dots and remembered one person I forgot earlier.
“Toby,” I said. “I need to go check on Toby.”
I started running towards the sleeping room.
“Hey, where are you going?” the man yelled while running after me.
I saw that the doors to the room were open and as soon as I got in, I noticed the terrible smell. It was somehow even worse than the one that came from all the dead bodies. I went into the boys' part of the room and noticed a body laying on the floor. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was Carmen. She was missing her lower jaw and half of her face. It looked like someone took out her jaw and all the flesh and tissue below her eyes. She was missing one of her arms and was laying in a pool of blood. She was laying in front of Toby’s box.
I walked up to the box and carefully avoided Carmen’s body. I almost puked again. I managed to hold it, but when I looked into Toby’s box, I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I turned to the side and puked. Toby... well... what was left of him was all around the room. There were butchered organs on his bed, his walls, his floor... There was blood covering everything and he was left so disfigured that we couldn’t even differentiate organs that were left. I don’t know how I managed to keep looking at myself. It was probably out of shock. If I weren’t dizzy and under so much stress, I wouldn’t be able to look at my friends’ remains.
I looked at the ceiling and noticed that there was a ventilation system going over the box. There was a hole in it. I realized that what I heard the night before was the creature walking, or more accurately crawled through them. I was so close to death that night.
“Huh...” the man said after stepping behind me and looking into the box. “This guy had it pretty rough. I’m sorry about that. About all of this.”
I didn’t reply to that. After standing there for a minute, I turned around and looked towards the man.
“What should we do?” I asked him.
“What do you mean?” he replied.
“How are we going to bury him?”
“We can’t,” the man said. “We can burn him, but then we’d burn the entire bunker.”
“We could do that,” I told him.
He looked at me surprised to hear something like that from me.
“Okay,” he replied turning his head back towards Toby.
“But we won’t burn that thing,” I said. “It doesn’t deserve it.”
“Don’t worry, we won’t. I’ll take the body with me.”
His reply frightened and confused me.
“Why?” I asked.
“You will learn when it’s time,” he menacingly replied.
I thought of things he could do at that moment. I thought he was going to kidnap me and torture me or execute me for the government. The terror I felt before returned just when it stopped.
“You want to say goodbye to the rest of your friends?” he asked me.
I knew he noticed that I was scared but neither he nor I said anything about it. It was like both of us were waiting for the other one to make the first move. But I didn’t want to anger him, so I calmly left the room acting like everything was normal. But on the inside, I panicked even more than when that creature was slaughtering everyone. With that thing, it would at least be all over soon. But with this man… it could be a different story. He was clearly more than just dangerous and could kill me with ease, so I decided to cooperate for the time.
Natalie was the first person I saw the creature kill so her body was the first I found after leaving the room. It was so terrible to see her like that. A hole in her chest, her cheeks, and her neck covered with blood. Her legs were bent in the wrong ways. Her bones probably broke when the creature shoved her into the floor. The man picked up the body after I told him that she was one of my friends and started carrying her outside.
While the man was walking up the stairs, I walked up to Catharine’s body. Her eyes were still open, so I crouched down and closed them. I sat on the floor next to her.
“I’m sorry,” I said to the body.
I sat there until the man returned. My sadness and tears immediately turned into fear and fastened heartbeat.
“You loved her?” he asked me.
I nodded.
“I don’t know if this will cheer you up, but you’re not the only one,” he said. “There are other people who lost their loved ones.”
It seemed like he emphasized that he was one of them, but I knew he wouldn’t elaborate on it further. He picked up Catharine’s body and left the bunker. I thought of running away at that moment but didn’t think that I’d get far so I decided to look for Julian and Jol.
I found them in front of the principal’s office. The creature hit Julian’s head and it was completely shattered. His brain and skull pieces were all over the place. I threw up after seeing it. Jol didn’t get it any better. Her stomach had a deep cut through which her guts spilled out. I had only known her for a few days, but she was just as good a friend as anyone else from that friend group.
The man carried two of them up the stairs as well. Julian was the last he carried up. I followed him and left the bunker for the first time in a few days. I immediately looked through the window that was just outside the bunker entrance. There was a very thick fog outside. Not really what I hoped to greet me, but I was happy to be out.
The man put Julian’s body and leaned it onto the wall next to the bunker. He walked up to the open doors of the bunker. He reached into his pocket and took out one of those old lighters that stay on after you let them go. He opened, turned the flame on, and threw the lighter into the bunker. I heard the flames grow in only seconds. He must have put down something flammable, but I didn’t ask him about it. I was still scared.
He picked up Julian’s body and started walking down the hall. I followed him and while doing so, I looked around the areas we passed through. There was trash, leaves, and branches all over the place. All of it must have been blown in by the wind. It wasn’t nearly as cold as it was when the storm began, but not completely comfortable for the clothes I was wearing at the time. We got to the entrance of the school and went outside.
I expected the temperature outside to be much lower, but it was more or less the same as inside. The thick fog allowed us to see only about 20 feet in front of us. We walked for about 100 feet when we got to the rest of my friends’ bodies. He put Julian’s body next to them and took a step backward to stand right next to me.
“Wait here,” he said. “I’m going to get something flammable. I doubt that we’ll be able to set them on fire with all this fog. There’s too much moisture in the air.”
He turned towards the school and walked back towards it. I watched as his figure slowly disappeared into the fog. As soon as it did, I turned towards the bodies of my friends.
“I’m sorry,” I told them while tearing up.
I turned away from the school and started running. I realized that this would be the only time I’d be able to escape from the man. Tears filling my eyes made it even harder to see, so when something white appeared in front of me, I didn’t notice it and rammed straight into it. I heard a grunt and noticed that the thing I collided with was soft.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” the person I ran into asked.
The person looked like a typical depiction of a scientist in media. Older, a bit crazy looking, and a white overcoat.
“Get off of me,” he ordered. “I’m not here to play some stupid games.”
I stood up and offered him help.
“I’m sorry mister,” I replied. “But I just tried running away from the school. There’s a mand who I believe to be dangerous. I don’t know what his intentions are or…”
Before I could continue, I felt something piercing the skin on my right arm. It didn’t hurt too much, but definitely enough for me to react to it. I tried to take a look at what hit me, and I noticed that it was some sort of a syringe. It injected me with some liquid. I turned my head up to see who did it and there I saw the man standing just far enough for me to recognize his silhouette. He was pointing something at me, and after taking a better look, I noticed that it was some kind of a weird gun. The barrel was insanely wide for a gun of hat size. Just the right width for the syringe to fit in.
“I’m sorry for this, little one,” he said. “But you didn’t listen. You should have listened to me. Now go to sleep.”
As soon as he said that, it started to be insanely hard to keep my eyes open and after a few seconds I fell down to the floor. My eyes were still barely open and the last thing I heard before falling unconscious is someone saying that it was a standard procedure.
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Behold: The longest hallway in America! The Yodel Daily from Yahoo - January 18, 2022
TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2022 / Finely crafted by Lily Herman
Welcome back, y'all! We’re going full speed ahead after the three-day weekend, starting with Netflix's pricing upticks, the last of the Djokovic Drama and a culinary wonder called Kool-Aid pickles. *shudders*
News To Know
Finance For You
Sports. Sports. Sports.
Culture Corner
  • Behold, it’s the longest hallway in America! Fun fact: It’s even longer than the height of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Listen, In The Know editor Dillon Thompson is a brave soul for trying Kool-Aid pickles. But was it worth The Content, Dillon???
  • I’m sorry, I think I blacked out after learning that this 25-year-old woman has a three-story apartment unit in New York City. Ma’am??? I need details!!!!
Tech Talk
(Public Domain)
Entertainment Spotlight
  • Kanye West is now being investigated for battery after allegedly punching a fan in Los Angeles. Deets are still a little murky, but uh, this isn’t the greatest.
  • Woooof, Britney Spears and her younger sister Jamie Lynn have been really going at it over social media this weekend. I don’t even know where to start with this one…
  • Sorry to all of the Celine Dion fans out there: She canceled her North American tour in order to recover from a period of ill health. Get well soon!
Fantastic Finish
A sweet story to finish out today’s Yodel: A bride surprised her Deaf in-laws at her wedding by learning American Sign Language and signing her vows to their son. Awwwww.
(Kelsey Kulick)
Thanks for reading today's issue of The Yodel.
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Or visit their website for further information:: This is a sponsored article written for a bounty reward Bounty0x username: Neyovilla
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deserving of 4-5 liters of mine to
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2022.01.19 11:18 Sufficient-Bad7181 Virtual Desktop compared to Link cable

I'm getting terrible stutters with MSFS 2020 on the link cable and airlink so I tried Virtual Desktop which is running much smoother. The stutter issue may be related to Windows 11 from what I've read.
However, the quality does look like it could be a little better with the link cable. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?
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I cannot with this girl anymoree 😫😫 Why is she just going around and trying to steal everyone I couple up with?? Like, honey, calm down fr now- And then she tells me I'm not here to make friends, like, what are you doing 🙄 Not making me your friend any soon for sure submitted by melon_pwark to fuseboxgames [link] [comments]

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2022.01.19 11:18 VoicesByZane Struggling with Suspicion

I feel like I'm always up to my eyeballs in suspicion with no reliable way to reduce it. I gain a Society Favour, Suspicion. I gain Revolutionary Favours, Suspicion. I call in Revolutionary favours in the flit, Suspicion. I discipline my gang of hoodlums, Suspicion. I feed a homeless child in the hinterlands, Suspicion. Maybe the Constables would actually prevent some crimes in London if they stopped watching my every move for five minutes.
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