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2022.01.19 10:52 AdSuper4680

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2022.01.19 10:52 Puzzleheaded-Emu2494 I just noticed that in Ghost Brawl, when you're on the floor, you can still see your shadows when invisible. So, you really only can be invisible in the air, even though you can see the jump animation, but yeah.

I just noticed that in Ghost Brawl, when you're on the floor, you can still see your shadows when invisible. So, you really only can be invisible in the air, even though you can see the jump animation, but yeah. submitted by Puzzleheaded-Emu2494 to Brawlhalla [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 10:52 Mighty-pigeon KV4 3 mark of excellence

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2022.01.19 10:52 eve17rn First time to explore outside

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2022.01.19 10:52 NORDLAN Blinken urges unity to fight 'relentless' Russian aggression

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2022.01.19 10:52 TheCorgiMaster I work at an unnatural prison. We got our worst prisoner yet. Part 1.

I work at one of those special scp like prisons, there are some differences with the one I work in and the other clichés. I work and live in south America, the country I live in has very high crime rate so my prison is separated into two factions. Most of the prison I work at has evil people but I can still take them down, and then there are only five supernatural, messed up things. As in most prisons the normal area is overpopulated and the supernatural part has plenty of space.
I worked in the military for a decade before the government reached out and after complicated ordeals, I began working in one of three supernatural prisons in south America. I think we had a long enough set up so let's begin where it started.
It was a normal day, I was a high working officer that worked in the spacious area of the prison, I got the duty of interviewing a new prisoner. We got an info folder. We hardly ever interviewed them and if we did, they never answered. I entered the room through a large metal door and I saw a man sitting in the chair with his feet kicked up on the table.
"get your feet off the table sir, let's begin" I sat down. According to the files he was normal, no superhuman powers and he was human, so unlike the other five he would spend time with the other inmates when he showered, ate or exercised. The other five were just locked in special rooms and never let out. His name was mark Smith and he came from USA before moving here and committing hundreds of atrocities. He had a slightly wide head with silky black hair, he had a small beard with a thick mustache. He had green eyes and a smile that was intoxicating.
"why are you so uptight, it’s a fine day" he said taking his legs off the table.
"it says here you committed" I scanned the folder with awe "five hundred crimes, most are significant to"
"what's wrong with some breaking and entering, some robbery. I'm just joking lighten up" he laughed "but yeah I did commit a lot of crimes" he admitted.
"okay to do this quickly and efficiently I am going to pat you down, hand you your new clothes and show you to your room, ok?" I said as he just nodded with a light smile. I walked over as he stood up and patted him down, the only things he had was a pack of blackjack cards, a nickel and a small handbook bible. I gave him his thing so he got dressed and I escorted him. all the prison cells on his block were empty. My day went as usual.
Let me explain the prisoners we had.
Num. 1 was Mr. Sad Mr. Sad was a very tall man, he had white skin and a black hat, he wore a black suit filled with cuts and stitches, especially on his arms. But the most interesting was his face, he had a Permanent drooping frown and a bandana covering his eyes that dripped black goo, just like tears. When he moved which he hardly did peoples vision would blur and glitch like tv channel. He also smelled like a rotting corpse all the time, I hated this guy, he was unnerving and was the only one that I heard looked at cameras. We caught him after someone heard crying and when they checked the ally it was filled with limp, grey people who all cried.
Num. 2 the least creepy one, even if he was quite creepy. The Fireman. He wore a tattered ww1 tunic and pants with pieces of metal and plastic welded to his clothes and flesh. He wore a black gas mask that he made himself it had stitches in it from when he was attacked with a fire man axe, unlike the others he used a weapon which we of course took away, he often used a fireman axe with tubes, wires and machines attached so it could shoot a little fire. Nobody was scared of the short fireman especially behind bars, he was easily the weakest. He was caught after burning down a campsite and openly telling the police.
Num. 3 nobody knew about it, and nobody has seen it.
Num. 4. M. or The Bot. as expected it is a robot, nobody knows why or how it is alive. It was pretty tall, its mouth had a large mouth with sharp teeth that went around its whole face. It had human like eyes with veins that wrapped around the robotic parts in its eye sockets. Its body was big and made of dirty metals, it had long arms and legs with claws and spikes. It had veins wrapped around its body and large sharp sickles on the back of its hands. I was never scared of the AI takes over the world or the robot stuff but I had nightmares about this guy, sometimes we heard him talking from is room and his voice was nightmarish. Not sure where it came from or how we found it.
Then Num. 5 the most dangerous, I've never seen him but we got a slight description, all we were told was he resembled a rotting corpse that could walk and talk. I know nothing else of the most dangerous thing and I hope I never find out.
Life was normal for about a week until one day I was with two of my friends, Teddy, the strongest man I knew and Belle, the smartest lady I knew. We were making our rounds in a normal uneventful like every other when we heard a loud crash and somebody running, we ran to check it out and marks cell was opened, we all looked around and we saw Mark at the end of the hall.
"should've given me a stronger cell, anyway, I have a plan here" he ran in the other direction towards the security office, how did he know the layout so well? Belle ran as fast as she could towards the security office, after all she had a key and he didn't, he was just a normal man, right? Me and Teddy followed close behind and we heard the sound of the door slamming shut and locking. Belle was right on his trail grabbing her key and unlocking the door, he was holding the door closed and laughing from behind.
"you know I'm gonna be the least of your problems soon" he laughed from behind the door. The door slammed closed and he put something in front of it blocking it.
"allow me" Teddy said enthusiastically, he slammed his shoulder against the door opening it slightly, we heard a switch flip and a robotic voice say.
"opening cells, one, two and four." This left us in awe, not even we could access it, only the Warden and the owners could access that, and even worse that means three of the five were released. This situation wasn't good, there were ten guards in this section. At least we knew which ones were released by the numbers.
Teddy slammed against the door with grunts. The air felt heavy. There was a door on the other side of the security office we heard open and Mark ran out laughing. Teddy managed to force the door open and run in with Belle right behind him.
"How did he do that!" she yelled while yelling what I can only assume are offensive words in a different language. She checked the system for unlocking the cells and sure enough it needed a password we didn't know. She kicked a chair shouting more. Who was that mark person? Luckily the last two cages, and the most two dangerous had three different locks, this one here, a physical key and a switch in a different building. The supernatural prisons in south America were very flawed, requiring only one switch and usually if power went out the third defense would be nullified, luckily it was hidden in a spot very few knew about.
All the lights powered off as I heard the power go out. How in the world did he do that, Belle left to investigated and Teddy muttered something under his breath.
"how did one man do this, why did he even get locked up in this sector anyways." He yelled "we need to hold them off and stop mark. I will check the other sector, you stay here" he ran off before I could respond, before I knew it, I smelled rotting flesh. My vision faltered and I felt something drip from my eye, I looked to the end of the hall and Mr. Sad was there, he was holding another guard by the neck but the guard was limp and unmoving. I tried to stay still, there was nowhere to hide in this small room, I felt my heart pump fast as I remembered all the limp grey people he was found with and the idea of that happening to me.
He looked to me and made his way to me, when he moved my vision looked like it glitched like a vhs tape. I nearly craped myself as this is the first time, I've seen him, I was never on camera duty and no one saw them in person. I felt him grab my sleeve as shivers went down my spine, as I smelled his rotten flesh, I felt like throwing up. I pulled away and ran away down the hall as I heard a screech as I ran. I felt tears go down my eyes as something came from my radio.
"hello? Hello? Is come in. Mark is gone! No where to be seen" Belle shouted in another language, she liked doing that whether she was angry or not.
"all the inmates" Teddy's voice was shaken "they are burnt up"
"i-I just had a run in with Mr. Sad" I said "he did something to another guard"
One of the people I knew called Donald spoke up "don't worry, the warden is somewhere here. He will take care of it" this made me glad, but then again we wouldn't be safe with these things around.
"crap, I gotta get back, he saw me g-" her radio cut off and I heard Teddy calling out, I needed to get to her.
"Teddy where is she" I asked.
"last she said she was in the abandoned cafeteria; I'll meet you there" I held onto my gun tight and made my way to the cafeteria. Nothing was out of the normal on my way there but I was cautious because of my run in with Mr. Sad. I reached there and soon after Teddy was there to. the cafeteria was old and filled with spider webs and dust. The tables were pushed to the sides of the walls leaving the whole space empty.
The first thing we saw was another one of the creatures. It turned its head to us in a sudden movement. It called out to us. It was M in all his nightmare fueled glory.
"you c-can't hi-hide from me" its voice was deep and metallic and it glitched often. Teddy didn't stand in awe like I did, he was almost to brave. But he was still smart. he grabbed his phone and called her and she picked up.
"I lost my radio, I panicked and dropped it when M arrived. He got me but I escaped with pretty bad injuries"
"I'll come help you, tell me where you are" he turned the phone off speaker and left the room, I wasn't so lucky, M came after me.
"Y-You think you can e-es-escape" he ran quite fast and leaped towards me, I jumped to the side but one of his sickles cut my shoulder. I tried crawling away.
Its eyes were to human, they looked into my soul and they hated what they saw. "I W-Will make y-you pay" as it was about to stab my chest it stopped and looked away, and with a growl it ran away. I panted feeling my cut. I won't get past this anytime soon.
I heard footsteps as somebody lifted me off my feet.
"sorry for all of this" he laughed "let me explain. I think you can help me" Mark said.
"this is a long story, you'll want to take a seat".
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2022.01.19 10:52 LiveImprovement9160 Need some advice regarding self study

So I am in 11th and this is i joined offline coaching institutes but i didn't understand chem and phy there due to which I also stopped attending there classes after some months so for 12th i am thinking not to waste money on coaching instead I'll self study, i want to know some nice books with good theory for self study.
And if you have any other advice please give.
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2022.01.19 10:52 Jorgetime Ditto's Blood - Distortion World (Nintendocore | 2021)

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2022.01.19 10:52 hfjdjwjwjabs Ich liebe diese h*ren

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2022.01.19 10:52 smaksh_introvert Is it only me or everyone who feels like they won't get anywhere?

I don't know... I was pretty confident about my chances, I have got into Baylor and some univ in Britain like Imperial, but I won't go there as it's damn too expensive for int students! and will have my Richmound decision on the 21st. But still, I was rejected at the science scholars program and I Baylor wonder myself..where the hell will I go. I don't know... i am fucking feeling that I won't get anywhere ...not even in India, where i live ...I have given so much time to this college shit and I just don't feel like doing anything at all right now, and I just have nothing to do ....
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2022.01.19 10:52 NoEmployer6641 Good news for the UK

Boris Johnson SCRAPS face masks, work from home and vaccine passports as Plan B restrictions DROPPED (

No more face masks or Vaccine passports!
Sure this might change but yeah he really couldn't keep those measures after the recent controversy.
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2022.01.19 10:52 zumuede Kurios: Kainz' Elfmeter wird abgepfiffen | 1. FC Köln – Hamburger SV, DFB-Pokal | Sportschau

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2022.01.19 10:52 Den_dar_Alex Anon goes to the gym

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2022.01.19 10:52 ShortAlgo $LTRN Waiting for Buy signal on LTRN

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2022.01.19 10:52 m0up What’s a huge sign you are being used?

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2022.01.19 10:52 C93C Flashback Ben Arfa incoming?

He has just signed a 6 month deal with Lille.
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2022.01.19 10:52 SmakdownStrang Psu

Hi! I have a question wether sata cables come included with all sata ssds and hdds. I've never bought drives before. This is my first time.
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2022.01.19 10:52 WolfInATrance Can you get fired for vacationing too much?

How much vacation is too much before you finally get fired? Also how do people simulate 5 years and 10 years down the line, by going to vacation?
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2022.01.19 10:52 mon_anthony The Sandbox Exclusive: The Metaverse Creating a World of Opportunities

Learn how the metaverse is bringing next-level transformation by creating a whole new world of opportunities for users. Increased revenue generation, employment opportunities and more.
#sandbox #playtoearngames #games #blockchaingames #futureofgaming #metaverse #revenuegeneration
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2022.01.19 10:52 Slimalicious SoFi is granted a national banking charter - still allowed to offer crypto through SoFi Invest. This opens the floodgates for US Banks to launch their own crypto product

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