2022.01.19 11:29 verydreamyheart SCRIPTING BACKFIRED

On Saturday night, I had decided to script my goal but to be sure i started off my script about a Debate competition later that week. Which i was so scared of Because i had no clue how to do it and at some point I was finding reasons to drop it but they realise I don't have any and motivated myself. So i opened yt and searched up for a subliminal and started scripting ( i am grateful of what I have, i was really confident about what I did. They gave me special mention and i am so happy ) this was the first time of me scripting. Later that night I was having a lil throat pain i did take medication, but the next day i had fever and no surprise i can't appear for the upcoming debate. So now I am sooo scared to scripting my 'actual goal' bec of this. Idk if the subliminal was wrong. Or the new book i used ( black diary) or blue pen. Lmk if i missed anything while scripting, or am I just over analysing.
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2022.01.19 11:29 CouponingLady_ Foot Peel Mask 2-Pack $8.99!

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2022.01.19 11:29 felicityaerie Proud of my first decorated Notion pages!

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2022.01.19 11:29 Equivalent_Candle_74 3 ingredient recipe NO sugar, NO baking | amazing dessert recipe

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2022.01.19 11:29 c0viDOMME Midland Memorial Hospital reaches triple digital COVID capcity

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2022.01.19 11:29 mailrameshnarayan Aditi Budhathoki (New)

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2022.01.19 11:29 ogcrypto6969420 [N$FW] xxxNifty Moons when the market bleeds | 1st Adult MetaVerse land & avatar presales coming | Think SAND or MANA at this MC | $15 Million MarketCap | All Time Highs coming | 10x-100x incoming | 2 straight weeks of GREEN charts | Metaverse Presentation & AMA Friday, join the Telegram

[N$FW] xxxNifty Moons when the market bleeds | 1st Adult MetaVerse land & avatar presales coming | Think SAND or MANA at this MC | $15 Million MarketCap | All Time Highs coming | 10x-100x incoming | 2 straight weeks of GREEN charts | Metaverse Presentation & AMA Friday, join the Telegram submitted by ogcrypto6969420 to opensea [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 11:29 yoibra1 Palestinians evicted from East Jerusalem home

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2022.01.19 11:29 drtywater Emirates, Air India, and others cancel flights due to AT&T and Verizon’s 5G rollout (Boston Included)

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2022.01.19 11:29 Cheese_Spaghetti and that's how i met your mother

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2022.01.19 11:29 7TE__ Version 97.0.4692.91 has update for chrome os stable

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2022.01.19 11:29 Sosimpl3 Would a forward seat on a road bike mimic a tri bike?

I live in a hilly area but enjoy triathlons. I've owned a few of both and sold all my bikes a few years ago.decided to get back into it and could only really afford one good bike at the time and because of how much I absolutely hate shifting on a tri bike and also because of back issues I've never been able to hold the prone position for a long time I went with a road bike. Shifting on them is just way more fun. But I do understand the benefits of tri bikes and could stay prone for a sprint tri. Got the clip on aero set up as well. Let's say (just an example) on a tri bike the seat is placed directly over the cassette or somewhere close. If I get a seat post and seat that allows me for that same position how is it that big of a difference from a tri bike? Thanks for the help!
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2022.01.19 11:29 CouponingLady_ Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush $28 Shipped

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2022.01.19 11:29 StarwardShadows [For Hire] Exceptionally well-rounded writer offering everything from professional web content to sci-fi epics.

I'm a published author and seasoned freelancer and I can bring your project to life exactly as you envisioned it. Whether you want to appeal to a global audience or to create a private story that no one else will ever see, I can create exactly what you need.
I offer professional web content at a reasonable price. I have experience writing for many different blogs, and I can work with you to expand your reader base and convey your message in a clear, contemporary tone. My posts will help your blog appeal to new readers in a way other content writers can't. I've written for many tech, lifestyle, travel and beauty blogs and my clients are always completely satisfied.
Aside from content writing, I'm happy to offer writing services based off my true passion of creative writing. My specialties are science fiction, fantasy and erotic fiction. I can work with you to put the darkest visions of your soul on paper, immortalized for the world or for no one's eyes but your own. I'd love to work with you on everything from short stories to full-length novels. My creativity is boundless, and I have enough empathy to bring your story to life exactly as it's meant to be told.
I'm willing to write for you just once or for a lifetime. I truly have what it takes to make your project stand out in a sea of soulless content. You can view my portfolio at:
You can find many examples of my sci-fi and fantasy writing on my site, and you can also check out my Amazon Author Page. As you can see from the Testimonials section on my site, my clients are always raving about my work. Simply Google my name and you'll see all the client sites I've been published on. I'm an Active Member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, as well as an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writers Association. I'm also the Editor-in-Chief of Starward Shadows Quarterly, and a first reader at the pro-paying speculative fiction magazine Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores--so needless to say, I have tons of experience with short stories and novellas.
My rates vary by project, but I've been known to give a generous discount to clients who are looking for an ongoing relationship. I accept payment through PayPal, as well as ETH and BTC, and I require half of the payment up front for first-time clients. Please reach out to me directly to discuss my rates, but keep in mind that they generally start at $0.10 per word.
Message me to give your project the voice it deserves.
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2022.01.19 11:29 interesting_alien There are secrets that cannot be said and here's mine (Ex edition)

We broke up 5 months ago. I'm feeling better now but sometimes I keep going back to the memory lane where he and I were the only ones there. I was the one who broke up with him. Why? because I loved him so much. He didn't know why I broke up with him. He thought its because I want my mental health to be better. I know he wants the best of me too. The real reason I broke up with him is because I know he wanted to break up with me. He talked to his girl friend about it and she give him her best advice. It wasn't her fault. She was just being a good friend. My ex never knew about this and I know who he is. My ex was a type of guy that if he wants something, He's sure to get it with hard work and dedication. I tried to make the relationship better afterwards however, it seems like his actions spoke louder than his words. My ex did fell out of love and haven't had the courage to break up with me. So I broke things off. I wanted him to be free. Now he's doing it and moving on quite well. Better than me actually. He has a strong support. My mind always say "what about me?" but I know I can get through this. Even if it takes me years to recover.
One thing that I learn in this relationship is that there are happiness that cannot be taken back and thats okay because I'm gonna make new things that will make me happy. I hope this story do you well and haven't taken much of your time. I just want to let it out to someone like you--a stranger who does not know me. So let's keep this secret between you and I.
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2022.01.19 11:29 feelingsewgood Taehyung IG Post 190121

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2022.01.19 11:29 No_Ad_8218 low si? unhealthy ni? i don't even fit the si dom description

okay so i've been trying to type myself with both my help and with help from others. they all typed me as a si user despite me not fitting either the unhealthy or healthy criteria of one. they all agree with me, saying how i'm a si user but i just seem to completely miss the standard for one.
i'm really tired of trying to find out my real type when no one seems to agree with me, so here's some papers i did and a bunch of facts that i added for people to type me. if you could help me find my real type or at least give me a real suggestion, i would really be happy.
— i enjoy talking with people and spending time with them but if i had to choose i would rather be alone
–– it's easy for me to understand several point of views, but when i have to solve a problem i analyze the information myself and try to understand the multiple outcomes of the situation before taking a decision
— yes, my friends would say i’m extroverted, but that’s because i make the choice of being loud around them. usually i don’t talk much if i don’t care about the people around me and how they perceive me (family, strangers, etc)
— i don’t put other people needs over mine. one of my most prominent features as a teenager and as a kid was selfishness. i’m the one that stands up for others, usually only if i feel they’re being disrespected and i think i can handle being pointed out as a consequence of helping them.
— i want to be respected more than loved. i believe that it’s better to be respected because of fear, not because of love.
— following my last statement, whenever i don’t like someone others people it’s quite obvious my hate towards them. i’m cold and will actively try to exclude them (it’s easy for me because i’m most of the time the leader of the social group)
— i HATE being disrespected, humiliated and put aside.
— i often think about what i gain from a certain situation and what can i do to get the best result.
- i would say there's a massive difference between how my family vs my friends would describe me. my friends would call me bubbly, air-headed and loud, while my family would say i'm harsh, demanding and uptight
- i don’t enjoy physical work, i avoid it as much as i can - whenever i voice my opinion others tend to quickly change to side with me
- in social interactions i'm mostly the leader, i don't plan my class presentations, trusting my ability to come up with whatever to get me a good grade
- i think almost every single detail of my image and appearance, i always have a reason behind my choices - most would call me manipulative or a chameleon
- others think i'm annoying, as i struggle being serious and often use jokes in every conversation i'm in, i feel uncomfortable being too serious / letting people know i need help
- the idea of talking much about my past makes me feel embarrassed, i'm always changing to be more and more far away of my past, i don't want to be connected to it
- i always end up in relationships i don't actually care about
- i’m a teachers pet, acting like a modest person
- most of my friends see me as someone extroverted who easily makes conversation with anyone and is capable of making others feel comfortable by simply mirroring them
- as a kid i didn’t have friends so i spent my childhood trying to observe people and understand how to act to get their approval, i view the world as a hierarchy
- i’m always the one that helps people arrive to a conclusion. i don’t mind conflict but i do have a talent for making deals with teachers when there’s a conflict between them and my class
- i’m mostly loud and funny but people do tell me that when i’m not talking they don’t know what i’m feeling and that i rather have an intimidating aura
- it’s hard for me to accomplish my goals as i’m an ideas person, i prefer to simply give up and think about what could’ve been
- i don’t have any sort of dream about my future career or anything, i simply want money and don’t think that career is that important
- i’m a rather serious person at times, i may be outgoing but i don’t like feeling like i'm taken advantage of and that i'm letting people take decisions for me that may affect me in the long run
- it’s always been easy for me to sympathize with others in need and those that are being taken advantage of, but it’s also easy for me to ignore my feelings if i sense they deserve it / it doesn’t affect ME
- i mind about my image and reputation, maintaining my social status is highly important for me - following the last statement, i do value my image, but i will let it go if someone's being seriously dismissed for being ''weird''
- it’s hard for me to stick to something in particular. when i like someone i even struggle settling for them due to my rigid ideas that i always need to have more options, i feel like i can never trust my environment and i should always question what's happening and why
- even though i’m an outgoing person i prefer to not talk about my feelings, i don’t want others to think i need any sort of help / i’m weird
- i have strong opinions and i’m not scared to talk to them and argue with people when it’s about topics i’m strongly passionate about
- i like attention and my friends do tell them i act to get it
- i prefer songs that i can relate to; the more they remind me of something i felt/feel deep down the more i like it - i prefer strong songs with prominent bridges
– i’m know for my humor and people like that about me, but i do tend to come off as odd and emotionless whenever i'm around people i'm not interested in
- i tend to be bossy with my friends, only because they usually lack the energy i have
- i cry easily and everyone agrees with the fact i’m easily changing my mood or the way i think of things (i value complexity, nothing is as simple as it seems)
- i live a lot in the past, even when i’m in a good place (mentally) i always go back to analyzing what i could've changed
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2022.01.19 11:29 nickindia7 LF: Eerthquake TM FT: Ask

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2022.01.19 11:29 SkyBS Fan Card - Imperial Courier

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2022.01.19 11:29 messybricks Man, must bungo must put all of their funding towards the world's best echo chamber.

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2022.01.19 11:29 astroposey Rapid Tests

Does anyone know anywhere that has rapid tests available?
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2022.01.19 11:29 yesitshollywood The Lost Lands sub is being censored by the "Excision Official" account. If you're trying to make an informed decision on the fest, reddit might not be the best place to research.

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2022.01.19 11:29 Ja8832jaw Quick draw/paint of The Captain.

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